Bojan Hodak refuses to be provoked by the comments of the Makassar PSM coach

Hodak disagreed with Tavares’ statement which said KL City would win a landslide victory against Rovers.

Kuala Lumpur City FC coach Bojan Hodak refused to be provoked by the statement of PSM Makassar tactician Bernardo Tavares who said The City Boys would win a landslide victory against Tampines Rovers in the final match of Group H of the 2022 AFC Cup at the KLFA Stadium, Thursday (30/6) night WIB.

The duel against Rovers became a life-and-death match for KL City to win tickets to the semi-finals of the ASEAN Zone. They must win the match in order to displace PSM from the top of the standings.

After beating Rovers 3-1, Tavares assessed that PSM would not qualify from the group stage. The Portuguese coach said that KL City will certainly qualify for the semi-finals of the ASEAN Zone.

Tavares assesses that KL City has a longer rest period than Rovers. Even Tavares assessed that PSM and Rovers were in a disadvantaged position, because KL City had a more favorable schedule.

“I know the reality. I knew Kuala Lumpur would qualify, we didn’t. They will qualify at the top of the table, they will win by more than 3-1 against this team (Rovers),” said Tavares after beating Rovers.

However, Hodak did not want to be provoked by Tavares’ statement. According to him, the duel against Rovers will still be difficult, considering the potential opponent has experience playing in the AFC Cup.

“I don’t know how he could have predicted that. Maybe because in the first game against PSM we dominated the game, we had more chances than them, possession. Unfortunately there is no final settlement,” said Hodak via the channel Malayan Tiger YouTube.

“In that game, we performed better, and in the second game they (PSM) were the better team against Tampines. Maybe it was because there was a red card, and they ended up winning 3-1.”

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“But that is his (Tavares) opinion. But in my opinion, the match will be tough, because when it was 11 against 11, Tampines were 1-0 up.”

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“PSM were fresher against us, but they couldn’t do anything about it. They then exhaust themselves against Tampines, and kill their opponent. So it was very strange.”

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