Bolivia asks Sánchez for an apology and takes him to “hooded rambos”

La Paz raises the tone and accuses Spain of “extracting Castro and Chavista criminals”

The delegate to the international community of Bolivia, Jorge Quiroga, demanded this Sunday that the acting president of the Spanish Executive, Pedro Sánchez, apologize to the country and that be taken to your “hooded rambos” as soon as possible, after the diplomatic incident that occurred last Friday.

“Mr. Pedro Sánchez, do not tell us stories, tell the truth about what you have tried to do, apologize to the country and take yourself to its rambos“Quiroga said at a press conference in Cochabamba.

The delegate described the hooded men who accompanied the diplomats from the Spanish Embassy in La Paz on Friday as “rambos” when they wanted to enter the residence of the Mexican ambassador to the country, María Teresa Mercado. He also maintained that if Sánchez does not instruct that they leave the country, the interim Bolivian government of Jeanine Áñez “He has all the power” to take out those “hooded operators.”

According to the delegate, Those “rambos” carried out operations to “extract criminals and delinquents.” In the residence of the Mexican diplomat, a dozen former authorities of the management of Evo Morales are asylum and several of them have been accused by the interim government for various crimes, such as terrorism.

Quiroga asked Sánchez on Saturday to “assume responsibility” for that incident that the Bolivian Government described its sovereignty as an “outrage”. He also denounced that it is a “conspiracy against democratic reconstruction” by Mexico and Spain.

Meanwhile, Bolivian Government Minister Arturo Murillo said on Saturday that he will request the change of Spanish diplomats in the country.


The Spanish Government assured that the visit of the Spanish business manager in Bolivia, Cristina Borreguero, and the person in charge of Consular Affairs, Álvaro Fernández, to the Mexican ambassador was exclusively courtesy. further denied that it was to “facilitate the exit of the asylees”, including former Morales ministers and announced an investigation into the Bolivian complaint.

While, Bolivia and Mexico maintain a constant diplomatic tension since Morales was welcomed in the North American countryor, after resigning from power last November and denouncing a coup to overthrow him.

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