News Bolivia attacks Argentina at the UN for Evo Morales

Bolivia attacks Argentina at the UN for Evo Morales

Bolivian President Jeanine Áñez lashed out at the UN on Wednesday against the Argentine government accusing it of meddling and supporting a “violent” conspiracy by former Bolivian President Evo Morales against his government.

The president said in a prerecorded speech before the United Nations General Assembly that she wanted to denounce “the systematic and abusive harassment exercised by the Kirchner government from Argentina, against the institutions and against the republican values ​​in Bolivia.”

“It is a behavior that I already described when speaking of the populist castes, castes that do not hesitate to use – frankly abusive – methods to sustain their plans, power and their positions contrary to freedom,” said the president.

Morales resigned in November last year amid violent protests that left 36 dead after elections denounced as fraudulent. After his departure from the country, Áñez assumed the presidency and his government initiated several processes against Morales for terrorism, electoral fraud, crimes against humanity and rape, among others.

Morales first took asylum in Mexico and since December has been a refugee in Argentina, where he took the position of campaign manager for his political party, the Movimiento Al Socialismo. Áñez assures that a refugee cannot do politics and demands that from Argentina, among other things.

The government of Alberto Fernández, however, does not recognize Áñez’s management.

On Wednesday, in a speech with a markedly ideological tone, in which he raised the dilemma of freedom or “caudillista and authoritarian populism”, Áñez said that he has nothing against “the noble Argentine people” but against the government of Alberto Fernández.

The Argentine Foreign Ministry said in a statement that it “regrets” that Áñez has “insisted on trying to involve the Argentine government, in full electoral campaign, in the internal politics of the Plurinational State of Bolivia.”

“We hope you can focus your energy on holding the free and transparent presidential elections on October 18,” said the Foreign Ministry.

“What is the authority of the Argentine government to offer impunity to Evo Morales in cases as serious as the national and international investigations that are underway against this former dictator, for human rights violations, for sexual violations against girls or women? minors, or for complicity in political assassination? ”asked Áñez.

At the end of August, Bolivia sent a claim regarding a possible interference in which the Argentine undersecretary of Public Works, Edgardo Depetri, committed, through his Twitter account, before Morales, “to strengthen the participation of Bolivian migrants” in the general elections of October 18.

Although the Argentine president has said that Morales was the victim of a coup, for several months neither he nor his foreign minister Felipe Solá have spoken publicly on the political situation in Bolivia. However, President Fernández disconnected at the last virtual summit of Mercosur heads of state when Áñez took the floor.

Delayed in the polls, Áñez this month resigned her presidential candidacy. The MAS of Morales appears as a favorite.

The organization Human Rights Watch recently called Morales’ accusation of terrorism unfounded and political and called for the charges against him to be dropped.



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