Bolivia could be sanctioned for breaking the protocol

The Times and Page Seven

The biosecurity protocol was broken during the qualifying match between Bolivia and Argentina, last Tuesday. According to the complaint made by one of the FIFA observers, people without accreditation entered and accommodated 40 to 50 people in a single space.

“Regret the attitude of authorities, there were people who were not accredited and were on the sports scene. The FIFA overseers let us know that there were people who did not have the access provided by the Federation in Siles and later those of Conmebol approach and show us that there were between 40 and 50 people on the fifth floor, with food, without chinstraps, etc. In the video they have, you can see authorities, ”Adrián Monje told the media yesterday.

The federative director regretted that it had been the authorities who broke the protocol, when they were the ones who demanded different conditions to give the authorization, such as prohibiting the public. “There could be any sanction,” he said.

In this regard, the director of the La Paz Headquarters, Fernando Trino, declared responsibilities, since according to a complaint there was an excess of accreditations and poor control at the entrance doors to the Hernando Siles stadium, on behalf of the Bolivian Football Federation (FBF ).

“The problem did not come from us, we do not accredit anyone, they are the ones who do it to authorize entry to this type of shows,” said Trino.


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