Bolivia violates immunity of Mexico’s ambassador

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The diplomatic immunity from ambassador of Mexico in Bolivia was raped by this nation. Mexican authorities said that the ambassador in Peace, Maria Teresa Market, was detained in her vehicle by authorities for inspection, which is a flagrant violation of the Vienna Convention.

Additionally, they reported a excessive vigilance of the Mexican headquarters, because between military, paramilitaries Y intelligence elements There were up to 150 people who besieged both the embassy and the ambassador’s residence.

Officially, yesterday the government of Mexico expressed “its deep concern over the excessive presence of Bolivian intelligence and security services personnel who monitor both the residence and the embassy of Mexico before him Plurinational State of Bolivia, since last November 11 “.

Through a statement, the Mexican Foreign Ministry said that the government “calls on the parties that make up the Plurinational State of Bolivia to fully respect and cover the obligations of the Bolivian State with respect to Article 22 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations ”.

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Article 22 of the Vienna Convention specifies that the mission premises are inviolable and that the agents of the State The receiver may not enter them without the consent of the head of the mission.

In its second section, it details that “the receiving State has a special obligation to adopt all appropriate measures to protect the mission’s premises against any intrusion or damage and to prevent the mission’s tranquility from being disturbed or its dignity being violated.”

In turn, section number three of the article states: “The premises of the mission, its furniture and other goods located therein, as well as the means of transport of the mission, may not be subject to any search, requisition, seizure or enforcement measure ”.

Yesterday he government of Mexico accused that Bolivian intelligence and security services personnel maintain a permanent surveillance at the residence and Mexican embassy in the capital of Bolivia since last November 11.

Since last December 21, he pointed out, around 150 police and intelligence elements of the Ministry of the Interior of Bolivia They surround the Mexican residence and have dedicated themselves to intimidating.

Mexico took the complaint to the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), before which it was recorded that yesterday an attempt was made to stop and inspect Ambassador Mercado’s vehicle.

He expressed confidence that the inviolability of diplomatic buildings will be respected and the corresponding measures will be carried out to guarantee the safeguarding and protection of the physical integrity of the property of the Mexican diplomatic mission, both inside and outside, as well as accredited diplomatic agents, all in compliance with the international commitments to which Bolivia is a party.

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Letter to the OAS and the IACHR

In the letter sent by the Mexican government to these two regional institutions, he explained the situation regarding the personnel who guard the Mexican residence in the capital La Paz.

“These security elements, rather than protecting, have intimidated by guarding the interior of the facilities, as well as the Mexican diplomatic personnel accredited to the Bolivian government. As part of these intimidating actions, on December 23 an attempt was made to stop and inspect the vehicle of the Mexican ambassador to the Plurinational State of Bolivia, ”stated the Mexican authority.

Mexico asked the presidency of the OAS Permanent Council to translate the letter sent, as well as the press release that the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Relations issued, and distribute them among the permanent missions of the member states and observers of this regional organization.

“As well as the General Secretariat of the Organization, in order to inform you of this unacceptable action by the Bolivian authorities, reiterating the call to respect international standards, voluntarily accepted by our countries, that guide the conduct of relations diplomatic and friendship between our peoples ”, stated Mexico.

He asked the Executive Secretariat of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to take note of the press release.

After the departure of former President Evo Morales from his country, asylum by Mexico, at least 30 politicians took refuge in the Mexican embassy in La Paz. Some obtained safe conducts to leave the country, but, according to diplomatic sources, there are still almost a dozen more left in the diplomatic mission.


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