Bolivia: Votes are counted, Añez asks for patience

(ANSA) – LA PAZ OCTOBER 18 – After nine hours of voting and subsequent closing of polling stations and precincts, the official vote count for the presidential and legislative elections began in Bolivia

The interim president of the country Jeanine Añez asked the political parties and the population as a whole this Sunday for patience for the results of the general elections, after the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) decided to withdraw the system of Dissemination of Preliminary Results (Direpre )

The TSE decided to prioritize the official computation, a slower process but one that will yield “credible results”

“Until the results (of the elections) arrive, I want to ask the parties and citizens: patience. Wait for the results without generating violent events. I assure you that we will have credible results. Let us be patient,” said Añez in a short message addressed to the country

The head of state appeared surrounded by the ministers of the Presidency, Yerko Núñez, of Government, Arturo Murillo, and of Defense, Luis Fernando López

The commanders of the Armed Forces, Sergio Orellana, and the National Police, Rodolfo Montero were also present.

Añez also asked Bolivians to comply with the laws pending the official results of the elections, because, according to the electoral calendar, the TSE will make the final count known on October 25

“Until the results (of the elections) arrive, I want to ask parties and citizens: to comply with the law. Everyone and at all times must comply with the law. These are times that require maturity and that means following the law”, Añez

He also thanked the population for their participation in the voting day. “I want to thank the citizens, the electoral authorities, the Police and the Armed Forces, who have contributed to social peace. I ask that we continue like this. I ask that we have faith and do our part. God bless you and live. Bolivia “

The TSE president, Salvador Romero, explained that the legal requirements for the installation of the full room of the Electoral body were met and in parallel in the nine departmental electoral courts (TDE)

These will approve the electoral records that will arrive from the different municipalities of each region

“We begin the counting of votes from abroad, attribution of the Plenary Chamber. Each TED does the counting of the tables of its own department,” said Romero. (ANSA)

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