ANDm agency interview Efe, the governor of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Wilson Witzel, ex-judge and ex-marine, maintained that the Brazilian head of state, Jair Twitter, can be prosecuted by the International Criminal Court (TPI) and may be subject to a dismissal process in Brazil if to adopt the attitudes it defends of “contempt for life”.

“The behavior of a head of state that is not in conformity with the guidelines World Health Organization[[WHO]may have international repercussions. The Treaty of Rome includes in its article on crimes against humanity that cause suffering, causing damage to the physical integrity of people, “he said. Witzel.

“And there is already a complaint at the International Criminal Court[against[contraTwitter]and this can be a consequence of a conduct that does not follow the determinations of WHO“he added.

The head of the regional government of Rio de Janeiro also mentioned that Twitter interfering in the administration of Brazilian states will commit a crime of responsibility, a hypothesis that would allow the opening of a process of destitution.

For Witzel, Twitter “he needs to have a clear sense that what he says can have political repercussions for him and, eventually, characterize a crime of responsibility”.

The governor recalled that the Brazilian President repeatedly criticized social isolation, but did not invalidate the restrictions imposed by local government officials, therefore, “what he says is not doing in a concrete way”.

Witzel also said that he is not a psychologist to assess the mental health of the Brazilian head of state, but he recalled that the health of Twitter would have to be evaluated in a possible trial in the âscope of a dismissal process.

“I am not a psychiatrist, I am not a psychologist, and even when I was a judge, to say whether a person was able to understand the criminal nature of the act, I needed to subject that person to an evaluation by a suitable professional. Therefore, I cannot evaluate if the President has psychiatric problems or not, because I am not the qualified professional for that “, he said.

“But there are those who defend the need for psychiatric research[in[emTwitter], as [o advogado] Miguel Reale Junior[oneoftheauthorsoftheex-presidentdismissalprocess[umdosautoresdoprocessodestituiçãodaex-PresidenteDilma Rousseff]. But it is necessary that this be within the structure of a process “, added the ‘carioca’ governor.

Witzel mentioned that the Brazilian President has opposed the position taken by the overwhelming majority of countries in combating pandemic.

“Everyone is advocating measures against the virus, with total isolation from society until a vaccine is discovered or tests are carried out, and he is not doing that. He, as head of the nation, needs to take these measures. Otherwise, the political responsibility will be yours “, he concluded.

Witzel and Twitter has similar views on the use of violence by state forces to curb criminality and defend positions promoted by the country’s conservative and evangelical movements.

Both were allies during the elections, but the willingness of the ‘carioca’ governor to run for president in 2022 has shaken the relationship and today they are considered rivals among candidates identified with the right in Brazilian politics.

Brazil surpassed the thousand dead as a result of the new coronavirus, accounting for 1,056 deaths and 19,638 infected, informed the country’s Ministry of Health on Friday.

The new coronavirus, responsible for pandemic gives covid-19, has already caused more than 103 thousand deaths and infected more than 1.7 million people in 193 countries and territories.

Of the cases of infection, more than 341 thousand are considered cured.

After appearing in China, in December, the outbreak spread around the world, which led to the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare a pandemic.

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