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Oscar Niemeyer has to reign in the grave if from beyond he contemplates the first steps of Jair Messias Bolsonaro from the Palazzo di Planalto that the architect has designed with simple and functional features and characteristics to host the Brazilian presidency in Brasilia, the capital that the country was built in 1960. Niemeyer, a disciple surpassed by the legendary Le Corbusier, chose exile during one of the military dictatorships of the country's giant. Seven decades later, Bolsonaro pushes the decree of pure and simple ultra-popularism from these same addictions, praises without dictatorships of shame, proclaims the nationalism of the flag and entrusts the divine will. "Order, hierarchy and respect", summarizes the new president, who states that "politically correct" must be a thing of the past.

"Brazil and God, the first, above all," Bolsonaro said on January 1 in the investiture act, in words that link it with other ultranationalist leaders who managed to impose the agenda Overall, the problems that suit him touch the skin and the viscera of the electorate when they launch the simplest solutions.

However, the legislature is neither presented as a military walk, because if there is one thing that characterizes the Brazilian idiosyncrasies is the parliamentary fragmentation in about thirty small formations that fit and disengage to add majorities. They are fickle alliances, as President Dilma Rousseff, Lula da Silva's successor, could see that the old partners turned their backs on the questioning vote accusation that he evacuated from the presidency halfway through the mandate. Bolsonaro joined the Liberal Social Party (PSL) a year ago, which was behind the Labor Party (PT) in the legislative elections. The Bolsonaro government block is held with 234 of the 513 Congress deputies, so it will have to make maneuvers to avoid bypassing the polls on the heterogeneous bench that supports it.

The post-electoral analyzes were not agreed at the time of attributing the victory of Bolsonaro to his own merits or to the mistakes of the PT, who with Lula in prison who displeased the penalty of corruption was considered a betrayal of ideals. The citizens, tired of the epidemic of violence and corruption, relied on Bolsonaro to straighten the fallen giant. On the eve of the investiture, two thirds of Brazilians – more than voters – were optimistic about the benefits of the recipe for Triumph of the tropic.

Damned 1

Indians and peasants

13% of the vast territory of Brazil is protected as a tribal reserve, but according to Survival NGOs, 900,000 indigenous people who remain isolated occupy only 1.5%, so Bolsonaro intends to reshape the borders to encourage exploitation of the lands. Until now, the issue was in the hands of the Ministry of Environment, but from now on, it will be the new Minister of Agriculture, Tereza Cristina, a landowner who led the rural Congress bed . The president asked the question and was established as the defender of the 240 tribes who denounce that the natives are "exploited and manipulated by the NGOs". Others who during the campaign received the attacks are the peasants of the old Movement without Earth. Eduardo Bolsonaro, son and presidential advisor, described him as a terrorist and indicated his illegitimacy. the senseterra They want to tackle land reform, against which the influential landlord lobbies, who have a great source of secure income in the monoculture of large estates, are opposed.

Damned 2

Justice and security

Bolsonaro is committed to facilitating access to weapons with the argument that reality denies the link between insecurity and weapons. He is a supporter of street militarization, wants to give the police a legal license to shoot alleged criminals to avoid investigations and sanctions, although they are responsible for 5,000 deaths in the year, most of the black poor. Appointed for justice, Sérgio Moro, the judge who persecuted Lula, put the appointment, which reinforces the conviction of those who believe that Lula's prison is a move to withdraw from the electoral race, which he would have won.

Damned 3

Social services

The ultraliberal prescription must be applied by Paulo Guedes, a Chicago School economist, who has been included in the Ministry of Economics in order to initiate a pension reform and initiate a process of privatization in businesses and public buildings, although the cream will be preserved Petrobras, the state oil that was great Lunchroom of matches. The country has just come out of a recession with a timid vitality in the figures, but without effect among the less favored classes. Extreme poverty, in particular, has grown by 11% and affects a third of the population. Unemployment does not stop growing and inequality becomes deeper when the social elevator has been damaged. The new government has raised the minimum wage but less than expected by the outgoing team, Michel Temer.

Damned 4

The progressive ideology

Bolsonaro's mandate began with the well-known absence of the Workers' Party, the formation of former president Lula da Silva, to whom the new president attributed all the ills of the country. In the investiture he spoke of the struggle against "ideological submission" that embodies the ideas of the left, from progress to Marxism. As a warning to surfers, the new president has authorized the dismissal of 300 casual workers, whose beginning is guessed as a complete purge for the public administrations of those who defend "communism", the great capital sin for a recalcitrant, ultra liberal and admirer of military dictatorships. "Serving society and not ideologies", summarizes Bolsonaro, who states that workers "have too many rights".

Damned 5

The environment and the Amazon

There are two other victims of land management policies. Bolsonaro, like Trump and many other populists, is skeptical about the effects of climate change, reaffirmed by science, but at the moment it will prevent Brazil from abandoning the Paris agreement in case it could damage the interests of the agricultural industry . What Bolsonaro did was to put pressure on the transitional government to refrain from organizing the summit against climate change that had been compromised and finally host Chile. The same owner of the environmental portfolio, Ricardo Salles, has shown that the protection of the environment is not part of its priorities and has recently been condemned for irregularities in the granting of an environmental plan when it was responsible in a region. Salles, like Minister Tereza Cristina, is part of the group of rural deputies. The Amazonia, which spans one-third of geography, is little less than an extension that expects exploitation for new managers in Brasilia, a protected area does not yield and, as in the case of indigenous peoples, is kidnapped by environmental NGOs who, in the words of Bolsonaro, have thought that "they are owned".

Damned 6

Women's rights and LGBT

The appointment of Damares Alves to the head of women, family and human rights is a declaration of intent. "It's a secular country, but this minister is terribly Christian," said Alves, an evangelical pastor who precedes the nineteenth century postulates as "women were born to be mothers" or, more recently, "children dressed as blue girls. and rose ". He is a convinced anti-voter, even though in Brazil the law is very restrictive, and it is clear that, as a political leader, he does not militate in the equality of men and women. Socially, Brazil is a fundamentally conservative and sexist country and has one of the highest rates of sexist violence in the world, but Bolsonaro trivalizes sheath and promises to fight "gender ideology", elevated to the category of public enemy number 1. Like other ultra-parties they did, the new president argues that feminism and the claim of women's rights are a tool to put an end to the traditional values ​​of the Judaic-Christian family and religions. He himself had declared that a woman would not be violated because she considered it "too ugly". In this line, it will not even be a government Gay Friendly. Bolsonaro said that before having a homosexual child, he would prefer to be killed in a car accident. With these backgrounds, the gay and lesbian group mobilized to accelerate the marriages process for fear of the new ultra government that ends with the gay unions approved by the Supreme but not included in the Constitution.

Damned 7

Immigration and UN agreement

Migration enters the Bolsonaro agenda without going through an almost anecdotal phenomenon. 700,000 immigrants live in Brazil – 0.35% of the population, a figure that can hardly be calculated statistically. The Portuguese, former colonists, are the largest colony, followed by Paraguayan and Japanese neighbors. However, Bolsonaro has included immigration into the agenda, after the ultra-decalogue, and announced that Brazil will withdraw from the UN Migration Pact to end the fact that foreigners have "more rights than Brazilians".


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