“Bom Thanin” tearing up the character Take the life of a doctor from your father for a drama

“Bom Thanin” Told through reporters that “The chapter ‘Doctor Ta’ is a doctor at the Urology Department. which my father is a doctor in this wayThe same is the second drama that I have played and P’ Donut is the organizer and director, which P’ Do sends to the workshop. because I want to play differently This character has a growth rate.Growing up in the obvious At first it was an old debt knot. we have to work a lot for family so will be the one who will do everything forMoney is a hard man, fierce.”

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which Pee Do tried to draw on his potentialEach actor came out. like me and Ryu brothers in the story Brother Do will see that How can each person do it? What can be pulled out? And let the chemistry come out good for both of them. When brothers and sisters fight I read a chapter. Brother Do let me play another way. I feel so fresh What happened there was fresh. When we come across something we’ve never done, when we try it, it makes us fun as an actor. Because it is a new development, tearing from the original, gaining more skills There are many scenes that I feel fresh. I never understood that there was something like this.to feel P’ Do led us to meet during the scene, replicating the doctor from the father in real life? I’m going to remember when my father went to check on the patient, went to check on the grandmother, and I remembered the pictures he took. how is the time to speak When playing, I will always think of my father and call my father for advice to make the picture clearer. Then I watched the drama A series about doctors a lot. which I don’t like Doctor Pattern. Work mode is work. Rest time is common people.

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but asked How heavy is the drama? The plot of the table is the beginning of this “I’m not very good at drama. Because there are many stages of drama, collecting, releasing all of them. This story is complete with all drama modes. The fun of this drama There are multiple story lines. Each pair has different strengths. They are all couples of different ages. which love is different It’s not something that comes to bully. Older people have hearts. makes us understand the point of view of lovershow is your age Do try to convey. me and mint He is a doctor with medical students. medical ethics If it’s a teacher and student, it shouldn’t be appropriate, but it’s not at all. but must maintain an appropriate distance until graduation which is not scary I leave to follow the fun. Every Wednesday-Thursday at 8:30 p.m. on Channel 3 press 33 #May, December, true love is born first. #I’m not old, just born first #True love is born first,” Bom said.


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