Bomb warning in Dresden! Explosive station housewife paralyzed central station

Dresden – Excitement Thursday morning at Dresden Central Station. The entire building was closed at 8:15 am after a suspicious item was found in the entrance hall at Bayrische Straße and delivered to the information desk.

A self-explosive device had to be defused in the main station.

All trains were then stopped, the federal police blocked the area from a large area and examined the suspect object.

At 9:45 the parts of the station were then released again. According to information from the Federal Police, it was a large belt bag containing a home appliance.

The bombers were then called. "They identified him as an unconventional explosive and a fire-fighting device," a federal police spokesman said.

This was rendered harmless by a shotgun with which the object was shot.

Update 10:20

The trains roll slowly again, but there are delays expected. The tracks from six to 14 have been closed a little longer, but they are free again at 10.20. The investigations are led by the Dresden Police Directorate.


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