Bonus to all: 8,000 euros without Isee. Here’s how to get it!

It gets closer and closer the last quarter of the year. Only a few days to go October and there is not much time to take advantage of one of the many Bonus designed dai Governments Count and Draghi.

At the end of the year among the many Bonus arriving at the terminus there is also the Bonus Furniture and Appliances. A Bonus aimed at give help to families when making this important purchase of furnishing accessories for their homes and to help an economic sector severely affected by the pandemic.

It’s a measure that gives a deduction up to a maximum of 8,000 euros and is without Isee limitation. Therefore, everyone can access regardless of the economic value of their indicator.

Furniture and Appliances Bonus: let’s see how to access

As mentioned, there are just over three months left and then the Bonus Furniture and Appliances will go to archive. A Bonus inserted in the Budget Law in force for 2021 and which entitles the people who activate it to take advantage of a very important tax deduction when buying furniture and appliances.

We talked about the deadline of December 31st: this is because the government headed by Mario Draghi has not yet expressed itself on the future of this Bonus born at the time of the Conte government. There are still no certainties and it is not likely at the moment that the measure will be included in the Budget Law for 2022 and will be refinanced.

So who is interested in taking advantage of this Bonus you have these three months to buy furniture and appliances. Also because as we will see in the next paragraphs the simple purchase of furniture is not enough and appliances to access the measure.

Bonus 2021 Furniture and appliances: an incentive of up to 8,000 euros

As we said previously, it is not enough to start a purchase, there are also other conditions to be met related to the property in which the furniture and appliances purchased. But let’s go in order.

Meanwhile, the Furniture and Appliances Bonus 2021 it is a measure that does not see any ISEE post fixed. Everyone can therefore access the measure without income restrictions.

The Bonus therefore provides for an incentive that is paid universally. The Bonus then gives the right to an important deduction. There maximum amount touches 8,000 euros, or 50% of 16,000 euros which is the maximum amount foreseen for the Bonus.

The Bonus does not take the form of an incentive, a reimbursement of the expenditure made, as is the case for many other bonuses launched in this period. The Bonus takes the form of one fiscal detraction for those who initiated the measure. Let’s go into detail in the next paragraphs on the issue but one thing must be said immediately.

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The limitation we mentioned is linked to the fact that a simple purchase is not enough of furniture and appliances but must be done as part of a renovation of the building in which the furnishing accessories and appliances will then be inserted.

Bonus Furniture and Appliances: watch out for time running out

For this reason we said at the beginning that time is running out. A simple purchase is not enough but a organic intervention on the property. Which is difficult to plan in two days. For this reason, those interested must run.

Also because it is not known if the Bonus Furniture and Appliances facility will be re-proposed from Draghi Government in the 2022 Budget Law. So it is good for those who want to act now to take advantage of this facility which in the maximum amount can reach the figure of 8,000 euros.

In 2020, the measure designed by the government of Giuseppe Conte was 10,000 euros as the maximum expenditure. The benefit, therefore, being 50%, had a maximum amount of 5,000 euros. For 2021, the Budget Law had refinanced the measure with an even higher figure of 16,000 euros for each intervention that is activated.

It goes without saying that being one deduction equal to 50% of the expense made the deduction is equal to 8,000 euros. It is important to point out that not only the purchase of furniture and appliances is valid to get to the deduction.

A situation is also valid that leads to the deductibility of any expenses incurred for the transport to one’s home and the subsequent assembly of furniture and appliances chosen.

The deduction is made with ten annual installments, all of the same amount.

Furniture and appliances bonus: the only binding limitation is linked to the renovation of the property

We have highlighted that there is no Isee limitation therefore everyone can access the Bonus. If there are no organizational limitations, there is only one limitation.

The incentive Bonus Furniture and Appliances you can have it only on condition that in the house in which those furniture and appliances will be inserted, an intervention is in progress that includes renovations or major interventions in that house. This, obviously not just, is the only limitation that one has to access this measure.

The discount is not valid if you do not have an intervention started.

Important note: it is not mandatory that the intervention take place in the same room or room in which the furniture or appliance purchased with the facility will then be placed. However, it is important that the intervention in question takes place in the same building in which the purchase will be located.

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There is no deduction without an ongoing renovation. Those who are asked the reasons for this situation must probably be sought in the government’s desire to help economic sectors that have been heavily penalized in these times characterized by the pandemic.

Furniture and Appliances Bonus 2021: who is entitled to the deduction?

Who can adhere to the measure and have the deduction?

Anyone can do it regardless of their ISEE indicator. Those who have made a renovation on their home and subsequently bought a piece of furniture or an appliance can have the deduction. The time allowed for the purchase is from January 1, 2020 until December 31, 2021, except for extensions that may be decided by the Draghi executive.

Important note: you must have started a building renovation on a date that must be after January 1, 2020 but must be before the date of purchase of the furniture or appliances.

The via the renovation works must be prior to the date of purchase of the assets subject to deduction which will then be placed in the house.

A deduction can be granted only for each real estate unit. Owners who make the purchase for their home can access it. But there are also no restrictions for other types of people: interventions are also possible, for example on condominiums.

Those who own more properties can also make interventions on several different situations. The measure is structured on real estate units and not on people. Anyone who has ten houses and wants to start all these works is entitled to more concessions: obviously always within the fixed limit of a maximum of 8,000 euros for each intervention.

Furniture and appliances bonus: what you can and cannot buy to get the 8,000 euro deduction

Now, after having examined who can access the measure, what can be purchased and what does not give the right to the deduction. In the first place it must be said that the purchases of the products must necessarily be inserted in the house object of the intervention. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the same room: maybe you renovate a sleeping area and then place a new refrigerator in the kitchen.

But it is essential that the newcomer to the house is placed in a building subject to intervention.

Having said that i furniture and appliances they must be purchased with traceable instruments by 31 December 2021, here is what you can buy that entitles you to the subsidy.

For i large appliances the Budget Law has provided that they must have an energy class of not less than A + with the sole exception of ovens and washer-dryers which can also only be class A.

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You can buy refrigerators and freezers, washing machines, washer-dryers and dryers, dishwashers, microwave ovens, hot plates, heating and air conditioning systems, fans, electric stoves and boilers.

For the boilers there is a further condition to be met: they must lead to a better situation from the point of view of energy saving than what existed previously.

For i Mobile instead they are valid to obtain the facilitation of drawers, wardrobes, beds, tables, bookcases, chairs, desks, armchairs, sofas, sideboards, mattresses, bedside tables, lighting systems.

On the other hand, the doors, the flooring systems of the house, such as the laying of a parquet, do not trigger the facilitation. Curtains are not valid either.

It is not valid and it is not enough as a restructuring intervention, the creation of a parking space or a garage.

Bonus Furniture and appliances: what must be done to start the practice to obtain the deduction

The renovation has been done. The furniture has been bought. Now how do you go about having the 8,000 tax deduction Bonus Furniture and Appliances.

First of all, the documentation must be presented to theEnea Agency. It is necessary to indicate the details of the renovation work carried out, it is necessary to indicate the furniture or appliance purchased with all the details of the object.

E it is necessary to prove that the payment has obviously been made with a traceable tool such as a bank transfer, postal transfer or credit or debit card. In addition to the receipt.

For those who have yet to make the purchase, it is good to also enter the tax code of the buyer. If you have already done everything from the receipt we will check the figures and date of the payment to provide the facility.

For more information on the Bonus Furniture and Appliances here is the guide of the Revenue Agency to this link. From here you can access the Guide in Pdf.

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