Bonus TV for everyone: how it works, what to do to get it and how much it amounts

I am 232,188 TV scrapping bonuses requested so far by citizens and recognized by vendors through the telematic platform of the Revenue Agency for the purchase of televisions compatible with the new digital terrestrial broadcasting standard. This is what the Ministry of Economic Development communicates, providing the updated data of the new facilitating measure launched on 23 August last. The amount of tax credits accrued by the exhibitors, against the discounts given to citizens for the TV scrapping bonus, is equal to approximately 18 million euros. With regard to the previous TV / decoder bonus, which remained in force and can be combined with the scrapping bonus, the sales operations recognized so far are 41.323, for an amount of credits accrued equal to approximately 1 million euros.

Scrapping bonus

This bonus allows you to purchase a new television set (compatible with the new transmission standards Dvbt-2 / Hevc Main 10) with a bonus of 100 euros (-20% up to a maximum of 100 euros). Unlike the previous incentive, which still remains in force and is therefore cumulative for those who meet all the requirements, the TV scrapping bonus is aimed at all citizens because there are no ISEE limits.

What is expected

The facility consists of one 20% discount on the purchase price, up to a maximum of 100 euror, which can be obtained by scrapping a TV purchased before 22 December 2018. The TV scrapping bonus has, in fact, the objective of encourage the replacement of television sets which will no longer be suitable for the new technological standards, in order to guarantee environmental protection and the promotion of the circular economy through their correct disposal.

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No Isee limits

Unlike the previous incentive, which still remains in force and is therefore cumulative for those who meet all the requirements, the scrapping bonus TV is aimed at all citizens as it does not provide for ISEE limits. In particular, a bonus will be recognized for the purchase of a television for each household until 31 December 2022. The resources allocated to the extent they are overall 250 million euros.

The three requirements

The provision identifies three requirements to benefit from the incentive: residence in Italy, scrapping of a television and the payment of the subscription fee for the broadcasting service. In this regard, it is envisaged that citizens, aged seventy-five or over, who are exempt from paying the aforementioned fee, will also be able to access the facility.

How does it work

The scrapping can be carried out when the new television is purchasedand, by delivering the old one to the dealer, who will then take care of the disposal of the appliance and obtain a tax credit equal to the discount granted to the customer at the time of purchase of the new appliance. Another way to scrap old TV is deliver it directly to an authorized ecological island. In this case, a form will certify the delivery of the appliance, with the relative documentation to request the discount on the purchase price.

The module

To get it it will be enough to download the self-certification form in pdf, to be printed and presented to the shopkeeper together with the TV to be scrapped: it will not be necessary to produce ISEE, or other documents other than identity and tax code since each person is entitled to only one bonus (to the extent of one per family ) and residence in Italy is required. The TV bonus can be requested until December 2022 unless the available funds are exhausted in advance.

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Verification of TV

In view of the transition to the next-generation digital terrestrial broadcasting standards Dvbt-2 / Hevc Main 10, citizens can check the compatibility of the televisions in their possession and the lists of suitable equipment by following the information and procedures indicated on the site

The compatibility check

It can be verified that the TV is compatible with the first technological step – that is, the transition from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 encoding, which will make the channels visible only in high definition (HD) – trying to see the channels already available in HD, for example 501 for RAIUNO HD, 505 for Canale 5 HD and 507 for LA7 HD. If at least one HD channel will be visible, the TV is ready for the first technological transition expected in autumn 2021: consider that in older televisions, HD channels may be visible but have slower or pixelated reception and therefore not be suitable for the new one. standard.

Instead, you can check that the TV is compatible with the changes relating to the second passage scheduled for January 2023 – when it will be definitively introduced DVB-T2 with the new HEVC Main10 coding system – trying to display test channels 100 and 200: if you see RAIUNO on channel 1 then you can check that the message “Test HEVC Main10” appears on channel 100; similarly, if Channel 5 is seen on channel 5, it can be verified that the same message appears on channel 200. If this message appears, the device is compatible with the new transmission standard. If you do not see anything, the TV needs to be replaced, but it is advisable to retune the channels to have further certainty.

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