Booba could be banned from performing in Morocco

The concert of the famous French rapper Booba, scheduled for June 21, 2023 in Casablanca, will probably not take place, while thousands of Moroccan Internet users have launched calls for a boycott or even the cancellation of the event. The launchers of the campaign believe that the famous artist is not welcome in the Kingdom, because some of his texts are “sexist” and “racist” against Moroccan women.

For their part, the organizers tried to stem the crisis by updating the announcement of the concert, in which they recall that the “Duc de Boulogne” recently released a song entitled “Moroccor” paying a vibrant tribute in the Kingdom.

Booba, whose real name is Elie Yaffa, has sung in Morocco several times, notably on the OLM Souissi stage in Rabat during the Mawazine festival in 2017, where he managed to attract tens of thousands of rap fans.

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