Boom of Covid infections and underestimated cases, wear a mask and get vaccinated: Gimbe’s alarm

The weekly monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation raises the alarm on the very rapid rise of Covid cases: “They are also underestimated – comments the president Cartabellotta – now we need to reduce viral circulation by wearing a mask and strengthen the vaccination campaign”.

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It took a few days to go back months on the number of infections from Covid. The daily bulletin does not lie, or at most underestimates. After several weeks of decline in new cases, in fact, the trend reversed and the virus returned to circulate rapidly. According to independent monitoring by the Gimbe Foundation, this week there are 255,442 new cases against 160,751 of last week: an increase of 58.9%. The problem, however, is that beyond the positives, the new increase in cases is already transforming into greater pressure on hospitals: 206 admissions to intensive care compared to 183 last week (up 12.6%); 4,803 patients with symptoms against 4,199 last week (up 14.4%). The currently positives and people in home isolation drop slightly – respectively minus 0.7% and 0.8% – and above all deaths: they are 337 against 416 last week, minus 19%.

The number of people who reinfect continues to increase, as does the circulation of the new variants Ba.4 and Ba.5. But the real alarm, according to Gimbe, still comes from the vaccination campaign, which has now completely stopped: just 2,981 people have been vaccinated with the first dose this week, while more than four million can be vaccinated. In addition to the nearly three million who are temporarily protected due to recovery from Covid.

Chapter third doses: eight million people who have not received the booster dose are missing. The same goes for the fourth dose for over 80, frail over 60 and guests of the RSA: less than one in five has decided to do it.

The progressive spread of the BA.4 and BA.5 variants has contributed to a clear recovery of viral circulation throughout the country with already evident effects also on hospitals – explains the president of the Gimbe Foundation, Nino Cartabellotta – We call for caution for at least three reasons: the number of positives is largely underestimated due to the massive use of do-it-yourself tampons, it is impossible to estimate the extent of this early summer rise and the time to reach the peak and stall of the vaccination campaign has generated a population currently susceptible to widespread infection“. Therefore it is essential”reduce viral circulation, in particular by wearing the mask indoors, especially if crowded and poorly ventilated and in conditions of large gatherings even outdoors“. We must also”strengthen the vaccination campaign for all people at risk of serious illness, increasing coverage with the third dose in over 50s and with the fourth dose in all vulnerable people included in the audience“. And he concludes:”It is also necessary to avoid confusing the population with unscientific and risky proposals for public health, such as the abolition ofisolation for the positives“.

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