Boos to Marlaska at the celebration of Police Day in Salamanca

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A part of the public gathered in the Plaza Mayor of Salamanca to attend the central event of the National Police Day He booed the acting Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, when he arrived at the agora and also before and after his speech.

Precisely when speaking at the official ceremony, Grande-Marlaska began his speech, after the initial greetings to the authorities present, pointing out: “Do not forget that today is National Police Day and we have come to pay tribute to the National Police”.

“Today is a big day for your police officers, who live, with justified pride, a party that your presence magnifies and should exalt. In their name I thank you for the hospitality with which you have received us this week and the affection that you have shown at all times. shown to the National Police”, has also continued with applause from another part of the audience.

“Thank you to the city of Salamanca, its city council, its mayor, for the facilities you have provided to make possible all the activities we have developed these days, and in which your love and company have become the best possible reward for our national police officers,” added the minister.

Grande-Marlaska has also stated that the Supreme Court’s decision to estimate the resources of Civil Guard Colonel Diego Pérez de los Cobos regarding his promotion is “a merely formal matter.”

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