Booster vaccine against COVID-19 is now applied at 4 months

Secretary of Health of Bogota, Alejandro Gómez, assured that it was a good decision lower the grace period from six to four months so that people, between 18 and 60 years old, can receive the booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

People who had completed their vaccination schedules had to wait six months for the application of the third dose or booster dose and, with The new determination seeks to block the way for infections by the Omicron variant, which according to health authorities is more contagious, less serious, but still produces fatalities.

Importance of vaccination against COVID-19

According to the district official “if we take it by age group, the risk that the person, who has an incomplete scheme or who has not been vaccinated and is between 30 and 40 years old, is almost 20 times higher than requiring an Intensive Care Unit, ICU, that a person who has the complete vaccination schedule.

In Bogotá, more than 12 million doses have already been applied, of which 5.6 million correspond to first doses; 5.1 to full schematics; and 958,982 to a booster vaccine.

Below is a tweet in which the Secretary of Health refers to the hospital capacity that Bogotá currently has:

“That is why our message continues to insist, hand in hand with the national authorities and with the health authorities around the world, that people get vaccinated, that they access the booster dose,” said the Secretary of Health, who added that “the Ministry of Health and the Presidency decided to lower those two months and that is very important. There are many people who already had four months, but they had not turned 6 and that is why they had not had their reinforcement. Come today for your reinforcement. That will protect us from complications”, closed Alejandro Gómez, Secretary of Health.

“It is not restricting us, but vaccinating us”: Mayor

In the same sense, the Mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, invited citizens to apply the booster dose and continue to maintain biosecurity measures such as the correct use of the mask, which must be changed daily, hand washing and, above all, , vaccination.

Adults 18 and older who have completed four months since getting their second dose, come get your booster dose. It is not restricting ourselves but rather vaccinating ourselves that takes care of us”, concluded the Mayor of Bogotá.

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