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At the Latvian-Estonian border crossing point in Ainaži, with the introduction of the requirement to observe self-isolation, no one forces to fill in the documents after entering Latvia, where then a person will spend self-isolation, or anything else one might think. And people who want to smile and circumvent the requirement for self-isolation would be able to do so in practice.

“Border control has not been restored. This means that no specific border control is performed at internal borders,” said Kristīne Pētersone, a public relations specialist at the State Border Guard.

The State Police also admits that it does not specifically patrol the Estonian border and does not inspect any of the private cars entering Estonia from Estonia. Consequently, the police do not have information on where self-isolation will be observed and whether it will be observed at all.

“If we are talking about private transport, there is no such legal framework, but that does not mean that it will not be in the near future. At the moment, it is meant that when people are reckless, the police can turn against them. (..) the integrity of the people, “said Normunds Krapsis, Deputy Chief of the State Police.

However, it may happen when the State Border Guard carries out immigration control in the border area. This does not happen every day, but randomly. Then, from cars entering Estonia to Latvia, the place of self-isolation must be indicated.

The Interior Services would be prepared to monitor the Estonian border on an ongoing basis if the government were required to do so.

“If such control were necessary or such a decision would be made, then together with the border guard the resources would be distributed and such control would be performed,” Krapsis confirmed.

Also in Valka and Valga, where an exceptional zone has been created and only residents of specific municipalities are allowed to move across the border, it turns out that no state institution checks this affiliation.

The question then arises – how epidemiologically safe is the requirement for self-isolation, if at present its fulfillment is solely on human integrity.

“The morbidity abroad is significantly higher than in Latvia, so we urge people to very carefully assess the need to travel and postpone all non-essential travel,” said Oskars Šneiders, a communication specialist at the Ministry of Health.

However, it turns out that international passenger carriers, as understood by the situation, for example, “Lux Express”, do not have the right to impose sanctions on passengers or call the police if people do not want to provide information about the place of self-isolation upon arrival in Latvia.

“Lux Express cannot refuse to disembark from a bus if a passenger refuses to complete or return a document of self-isolation,” said Sanders Sorum, Lux Express’s head of marketing.

Individuals are fined 10 to 200 euros for non-compliance with self-isolation. For legal entities from 140 to 5000 euros. Last week, 28 administrative proceedings were initiated.

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