Borderlands Test: Game of the Year Edition


Ten years after its initial release, Borderlands returns in a remodeled GOTY edition to the delight of fans, in a timing that has nothing trivial as it coincides with the announcement of Borderlands 3 for the autumn of 2019.

Borderlands test: Game of the Year edition

Let us evacuate a first problem without delay, this is only the first episode with this remastering. No need to look for the excellent Borderlands 2, you won't find it, however the owners of the "Handsome Collection" can download a free patch that brings the same level of remastering to this second episode. We will be satisfied here with the canonical work, very well received at the moment on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, before becoming, over the years, a cult game for a parterre of players. It must be said that the influences Mad Maxiennes, the comic humor, his booty disconcerting and ultraviolet have made an atypical production.

A cult game for a crowd of fans

A decade later, if our consoles and PCs have become much more powerful, we will admit that the visual style of Borderlands it's not aged, thanks cel-shaded. the Borderlands the original will have the privilege of seeing the years slide on him, even if the addition of 4K on PC and HDR on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X give a more flattering overall rendering. Nothing revolutionary, but the comparative videos show us logically better defined and brighter images. Which brings us to two diagnoses: the timelessness of his visual style and the logic of stagnating his experience, excellent for the rest. No one will rediscover the game under a new eye with this remastering, while it is often the case with older titles with the more conventional envelope.

Borderlands test: Game of the Year edition

Although the graphics are still very current, unfortunately we find the technical pitfalls encountered at the time. laceration, late decompression of certain textures, the whole is less present than before but still widely perceptible, and above all perfectible, which leads us to think that speed change he hasn't really changed his remaster. However, a patch should mitigate these small concerns. On the other hand, we appreciate the 60 frames per second, always useful in an FPS.

If from the outside Bordelrlands He does not accuse his age, it is a little less the case of his interface which is 2000 years old and has not been reworked. The mini-map inherited from Borderlands 2 nevertheless it makes a saving aspect in the upper right corner of the screen, which saves us the action of systematically visualizing the latter to locate us in the vast expanses of Pandora. Other modern comforts, money and ammunition on the ground now automatically recover when they pass nearby.

The graphics are still very current

Borderlands test: Game of the Year edition

On the bottom, the entire DLC course published makes the journey, with the key a few hours of play in rab & # 39; for a title that is not missing, basic content. And if you're a bulimic weapon, speed change has thought of you adding 6 legendary petals, the story of fodder to more, because we remind you that the co-op is still an option always recommended, with the possibility of meeting up to 4 people in the console in this GOTY version. Finally, keep in mind that players who own the original game on Steam will benefit from this version for free, while PS4 and Xbox One players will have to deliver the wallet. Counts about thirty euros.

Review of KiKiToès : But what kiff find Borderlands, a title that, ten years ago, was able to bring a true wind of freshness in the cooperative shooter with its enhanced recipe based on delirious characters, booty en masse and almost limitless humor. What's crazy is that it still works today! Powered by 4K on current machines, the graphic style of Borderlands it seems simply immutable and only a few stiffnesses of the gameplay will remind us that we are in the presence of an old soft over ten years. Ideal for those who have never touched the saga and want to get used to, perfect for those who want to wait first Borderlands 3, the shoot of speed change it is always a must to do and even more collaborative. A pleasure from A to Zed



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