Borgonzoni: «Those who attack me are male chauvinists». Lucia’s challenge to the “communists”


BOLOGNA Lucia Borgonzoni has a wonderful idea in mind. “If you write such a thing, your communist colleagues, therefore all or almost all, take your greeting.” The Northern League candidate for the center is too young, blessed is she, to know the effect that leads Cesare Cesarei Laboratories, a company of excellence in the trichological field, who now bears only the name of the mustachioed founder and cult TV personality in the the eighties. On the other hand, he has a tendency to see red almost everywhere, although he often jokes in pointing it out, like he was a catchphrase.

Let others speak

We are in Zola Predosa, an industrial area, one of the many productive treasures of Emilia-Romagna. The headquarters of Faac, the automation giant for gates and barriers now owned by the curia, is right next door. In September 2015, when he ran as mayor of Bologna, Borgonzoni demonstrated with Matteo Salvini in front of those gates. “People passed in front of us that we seemed invisible, that we had the plague on us, nobody was spinning – he recalls -. Today companies are not ashamed, and they queue up to invite us, I don’t know where to put appointments anymore ». Stefano Ospitali, CEO of Cesare Ragazzi, a thing with 120 hair thickening points in 25 different countries, other than the telesales of the roaring years, the guide in the laboratories where the workers, mostly women, sew wigs. “Incredible,” he says occasionally. The manager speaks, she nods. “Damn”. Little intervenes, listen. He turns to one of his collaborators who is not exactly large. “We have found a solution for you …”. The company executives laugh. Ospitali accompanies her to the exit, leaving her with the hope of seeing her again soon, “but as President of the Region”. The touch and escape to Coccolia in Ravenna to visit Molino Spadoni Spa, another of the many family businesses that have become giants in their sector, in this case soft wheat flour, follows the same script. “Really unimaginable, very good.” Borgonzoni lets the others talk, intervenes to compliment. Because this is the unspoken function of the partition made with Salvini. He makes the Emilia-Romagna squares, with a windshield wiper, to dry the separate vote. Instead, you must reassure companies and associations that nothing will change in a consolidated system for almost eighty years, that there are no barbarians at the door. «They say that I have never administered anything, but go and ask how I managed the funds I had when he was Undersecretary for Culture. They say that Salvini will go away, that he is doing the election campaign. Matteo always came here, even when the League was at two percent. Now that we’re thirty what do we do, do we leave it at home? It will be there later, when I will be in the government ».

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Gaffe Borgonzoni: promotes an event in Bologna with a photo of Ferrara
Ferrara instead of Bologna
The accident

The appointment that matters is that of the afternoon. 5 pm, debate between the candidates for the annual assembly of the Cna Emilia-Romagna, the confederation of crafts and small and medium enterprises with over 140,000 realities in the area. Battleship. Borgonzoni closes in his refuge in recent weeks, a hotel room where he rests and prepares for meetings. The facial expression is proven. She too with the flu, like Bonaccini. “He has a paternalistic attitude towards me,” he says after the huge coffee at the bar. At the beginning of this campaign I suffered, when they said that Salvini obscured me. Now I understand that it is their problem, of male chauvinism. The center-left has a problem confronting the female gender. ” There are 7 on the stage of the Arena del sole theater, with two minutes each to speak. Borgonzoni sits next to Power to the people, Bonaccini to the champion on the list against vaccines. In the middle, a smiling Simone Benini of M5S, who reveals an evident preference for her, who knows how happy her in Rome will be. The accident occurs when Borgonzoni mentions the Emilia-Romagna region “who are forced to go outside the region to seek treatment”. There comes a booze of whistles, screams and buuu. She immediately sends a message to Salvini. “Here they are all communists.” Then she reacts with character, she is not one who collects without replying. “If everything is as it is, don’t vote for it, if instead you want to run instead of walking, do it. Good evening”. In the corridors comes the response of the League leader. “I told you…”. In the meantime, a queue has been created in the lobby made up of a dozen CNA entrepreneurs and managers. Someone apologizes, blaming “the usual communists”. Someone else begs for mercy.

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