Boris Johnson Goes On With His Brexit Obsession | News from El Salvador

Xi Jinping at the time warned Trump that “no one wins a trade war”, which applies, mutatis mutandis, to the English with their Brexit: the big losers will not be those of the European Union

The British fleet, it is announced, is ready to defend the country’s coasts from European fishing boats, part of Brexit, the separation of Great Britain from the European Union.
Brexit, the crazy project of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the one with the disheveled blonde wig, is the equivalent of shooting himself in the leg with his own weapon, poisoning himself with the potion prepared to dispatch the adversary to the other world.
With the sole announcement of the execution of Brexit, the Honda assembler spoke of the cessation of its operations in the United Kingdom, as well as the subsidiaries of large financial companies and other manufacturers, which will leave thousands of workers, administrators, salesmen, technicians unemployed … This It will also affect the supply chains for parts, consultancies and consumption, since each person who loses his job brings others to meet others … in an interconnected and interdependent “world world”, nothing happens that does not affect groups, communities and productive sectors.
It is said that one of the most notorious English billionaires had his very personal vehicle manufactured in France.
But when a politician falls madly in love with his own occurrences, the ones he usually uses to charm “the masses”, for himself who can!
Several groups in the UK are starting to wake up, which is starting a movement against Brexit, although it may be too late to stop the march towards disaster.
Something very similar, almost the same in its essential features, has been happening in the United States with Trump’s proposal to “make America great again”, which is nothing more than a trade war against the rest of the world but in particular against China. that no one knows for sure if that caused the viriooffensive that has severely hit the economies of all nations, including the United States.
The Chinese dictator, Xi Jinping, at the time warned Trump that “no one wins a trade war”, which applies, mutatis mutandis, to the English with their Brexit: the big losers will not be the Europeans …

They know how things start, but they never anticipate how they end

Since primary school, the vast majority of people know that everything that happens has a cause, in the same way that any act has effects, which does not mean that when an event occurs, it can be established who or who caused it, what is the classic crime novel theme: who murdered the castle owner?
Agatha Christie, the English author of “crimis”, has a series of novels that have fascinated audiences for many years, like those of Sherlock Holmes, by Conan Doyle.
Here on our soil, only the null-thinkers do not know who is stealing money from public budgets: the klepto-ruler and his henchmen!
The proponents of Brexit, whose champion is Johnson, are obviously not doing the numbers they should, they do not want to quantify the disaster, they move on the basis of illusions, but in doing so they pass over many people who deserve to be taken into account, not which are statistics.
Fishing rights always tend to create problems, which led the former president of Guatemala, General Ydígoras Fuentes, to his famous dictum: respect for other people’s shrimp is peace! But the salmon or cod of the sea move freely: sometimes they are in France, others off the coast of Dover …


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