Boris Johnson has ordered to apologize to Parliament for not declaring earnings – Business Insider


Boris Johnson was forced to apologize to the House of Commons after failing to report his full earnings to the House authorities on nine occasions.

The former Foreign Minister has repeatedly failed to record his earnings within the time period required by parliamentary rules, noted the Commissioner for Standards.

"The nine late registrations made by the deputy at the time I started my investigation had a total value of 52,722 pounds representing almost seventy percent of a deputy's salary," the commissioner said in a statement.

They added that the violation of the rules does not seem to be involuntary.

"The number of late registrations suggested a lack of attention to the House's requirements rather than an inadvertent mistake, and in light of this, the issue can not be resolved through the rectification procedure," they said.

They added: "Even though Mr. Johnson told me that the late registrations were"Involuntary & # 39;, the fact that late registrations have occurred on four different occasions and entailed nine payments, suggests a lack of attention or respect for the requirements of the House rather than for involuntary supervision or error. "

Johnson told MPs that he agreed to break the rules.

"You will be aware of the fact that the Standards Committee has issued a report on nine payments, mostly unexpected foreign royalties, I am very sorry to say that they were late registered on the members' register of interests," Johnson told the Commons.

"I fully acknowledge that the delay was a violation of the House rules and although I am grateful to the committee in recognizing that there was no intention to mislead the Assembly and that I was completely transparent, I therefore offer the house an apology full and without reserve ".

The revelation is very embarrassing to Johnson when the Allies prepare to challenge May in the event of a vote of no confidence in his leadership in the coming months.


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