Boris Palmer apologizes for controversial statements

Dhe mayor of Tübingen Boris Palmer has apologized for his statements in a television interview. The Greens politician said on Sat1 breakfast television on Wednesday morning: “I’ll tell you very brutally: We may save people in Germany who would be dead in six months anyway.” After the statements during the day, a wave of indignation had triggered, Palmer told the German press agency in the evening: “I would never deny older or sick people the right to live. If he “expressed himself misleadingly or briskly”, he was sorry.

Previously, in conversation with the F.A.Z. another apology declined. He only described “Facts about the United Nations and a conflict of objectives”. “I don’t know how to apologize for facts,” said the politician. In the evening, he finally told the dpa: “I have pointed out that the method of our protection causes so severe economic damage that many children have to die because of it. I do not want to accept that and I call for better protection for our risk groups without these side effects. “

Palmer was heavily criticized for his statements on breakfast television. Baden-Württemberg’s FDP chairman Michael Theurer said: “I strongly advise Boris Palmer to apologize and withdraw this statement. He not only overshot the goal as usual, but also derailed considerably. ”His party friend, Stuttgart Mayor Fritz Kuhn, described Palmer’s position on Twitter as“ social Darwinist ”.

Palmer had again called for the corona measures to be relaxed on the television program. There must be different security measures for young and old. According to him, the majority of those who died from a corona infection were people with serious previous illnesses who would not have had to live long anyway. In his opinion, the economic consequences of the lockdown were more serious and could also cost the lives of children at risk of poverty.


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