Borja Jiménez endorses his place in an altruistic Maestranza

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It was crowded The Maestranza to host the festival in favor of the social work of the Brotherhood of Rocío de Triana and of the Alalá Foundation. Occasional audiences and regular fans were moved by the Salve recited at the end of the parade. The afternoon’s work was done by Borja Jimenez who arrived full of space in the bull’s face and desire for victory to endorse his great season. He took the replacement Morante of Puebla -by whom the festival was set on this date as it was announced on the 12th Sales-. He fought a quatreño Sunday Hernandez with the face placed, nice but without relief, which had transmission through the right piton. The killer of Spartinas He showed himself very dedicated, with the rhythm very open, subduing the attacks, showing his teeth as he had intervened in the previous bull in Quitos when Talavante He asked her where she was going (ear with the second’s request).

Talavante’s work on the cracked bull Garcigrande It was a summary of his entire season. Very willing, passing close the enclosed but elusive attack. Giving in, he decided to get down on his knees, prioritizing the effect on the public over the good bullfighting that he is capable of developing. The displays of kneeling reached the level of recklessness (ear with request for the second).

Marshal Ruiz, recent winner of Road to Las Ventas, He appeared in La Maestranza with those from Castoreño with a utrero of Santiago Domecq. He completed a good third of banderillas, especially the third pair. He displayed good positioning, bonding and temper with a noble steer that was missing a delivery point (ear).

Pablo Aguado fought a beautiful bull The pillar, very much in the livestock type. She picked him up harmoniously due to his marked affection before giving him three rhythmic strokes. A magnificent stocking after a removal by chicuelinas. There was also one round left before the bull threw in the towel without a solution (regards). The other bull from Salamanca’s iron fought him José María Manzanares who hit him with two good series of right blows, taking advantage of the special humiliation, although the bull failed to let go, being more restrained by the left one (regards).

Alfonso Cadaval offered the bull Fermin Bohorquez to his parents, very involved with the cause of the festival. To the Murube It lacked formality, resulting in disarray. Cadaval He looked for the opposite horn to try to please but the attacks passed without any route or humiliation (regards). The afternoon opened with a lively performance by Fermín Bohórquez who showed off his magnificent stable and finished off with a good death punch (ear).

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