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The first child born of a mother who had been transplanted the uterus of a dead donor is healthy and well. The woman, 32 years old, had received the transplant in 2016, in Sao Paulo in Brazil, and then after a fertility treatment, she gave birth to the baby in December 2017. The BBC is reported.
In the world there have already been 39 living uterus donor transplants, including several mothers who donated it to their daughters, and led to the birth of 11 children.
This is instead the first successful case of birth after a dead donor transplant: the 10 facts previously were in fact failed or had led to a miscarriage. In the case of the Brazilian woman suffering from the Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome (which leads to the lack of vagina and uterus), the forty-year-old uterus donor died after a cerebral hemorrhage. Brazilian doctors have given the patient drugs that have weakened the immune system, to prevent his body from rejecting the transplanted uterus. Six weeks after the operation, she began her menstrual cycle and seven months later her previously fertilized oocytes were implanted. After a normal pregnancy, the girl was born with a caesarean section and weighing 2.5 kilos. "The first living donor uterus transplant was a milestone in medicine – commented Dani Ejzenberg, of the Hospital das Clinicas of São Paulo – but has some limitations, because living donors are few, and usually they are among family members or close friends ". So instead the audience of potential donors is expanded.




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