Borrell asks the Israeli Foreign Minister not to let "let anger consume him"

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The head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell, who is making an official visit to Israel this Thursday, asked the Foreign Minister of that country, So Cohenthat he does not let “anger consume him” and that at a “certain moment we have to see how this war ends.”

“I feel your fear and your pain and that of the people who have been attacked, murdered. I understand your anger, but let me ask you not to let your anger consume you,” Borrell said at a press conference. “What makes the difference between a civilized society and a terrorist group is respect for human life and all human lives have the same value,” he added.

This is the first visit to Israel by the head of European diplomacy since the escalation broke out on October 7. That day, Israel declared war on Hamas after an attack by the Islamist movement that included the launching of rockets and the incursion of some 3,000 militiamen who massacred more than 1,200 people and kidnapped more than 240.

Since then Israel launched a military offensive by air, land and sea against the Gaza Strip that has left more than 11,500 dead, almost 30,000 injured, 3,400 missing and some 1.7 million displaced people living in the midst of the collapse of hospitals and a humanitarian crisis due to the lack of drinking water, food, medicine , electricity and fuel.

Borrell made these statements after visiting the Beeri kibbutz, about 4 km from the Gaza Strip, where Israeli authorities showed him the destruction caused by the Hamas attack and an inhabitant of this community told him how he experienced the brutal aggression of the Hamas militiamen. islamist group,

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