Borrell has approved a fourth package of sanctions against the Kremlin

Mr Borrell said that Moscow attacks not only the Ukrainian army but also the civilian population. He drew attention to the situation in the besieged port city of Mariupol, where more than 2.4,000 people have died since the invasion began. civilians ’.

“Putin’s war is not just about Ukraine, it is about the security and stability of our European continent. This will affect us all, “Borrell emphasized during a press conference in Skopje.

As a result of the fighting, more than 2.6 million. Ukrainians have gone abroad, and this is “the biggest relocation since World War II,” he added.

Mr Borrell approved a fourth package of sanctions targeting Russian trade, market access, membership in international financial institutions and the export of luxury goods. The main measures will target the steel, coal and energy sectors.

“This will be another major blow to the economic and logistical foundation on which the Kremlin is building the invasion and taking resources to fund it,” he said. IS head of diplomacy.

Mr Borrell said that The European Union considers the Western Balkans to be a region of “strategic importance”.

“I hope this is a moment of European awakening,” Mr Borrell said after a meeting with the Prime Minister of Northern Macedonia. “This is a moment to relaunch the enlargement process and to firmly link the Western Balkans to the European Union.”

Northern Macedonia has long been aspiring to join the EU, but Skopje’s hopes have recently been overshadowed by Bulgaria’s claim that Macedonian is just a dialect of Bulgarian.

Northern Macedonia became the first stop on Mr Borrell’s journey through the Western Balkans. He will travel to Albania on Tuesday and visit Bosnia and Herzegovina on Wednesday.

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