Audi has the long closure of car factories and car dealerships and the slump in customer demand
let it slide deep into the red. The VW
Subsidiary sold 22 percent fewer cars worldwide in the first half of the year, sales fell by 29 percent to only 20.5 billion euros, the operating loss was 750 million euros. In the first half of the previous year, Audi still had 2.3 billion euros in the operating profit of the Volkswagen
Group contributed.

The second quarter was characterized by the restart of production. But “despite the first positive signals from the markets, 2020 remains extremely challenging,” said CFO Arno Antlitz on Friday in Ingolstadt. For the year as a whole, Audi expects worldwide demand to be lower than in the previous year, significantly less sales and a positive but significantly lower result./rol/DP/mis

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