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ROUNDUP: Pfeiffer Vacuum with a slump in profits in the first quarter – more
New orders

ASSLAR – The vacuum pump manufacturer Pfeiffer Vacuum
suffered a slump in earnings in the first quarter. While
sales were almost as high as 153.3 million euros
The previous year, the operating result (EBIT) dropped by a good 29 percent
12.8 million euros, like that in the SDax noted
Company announced on Tuesday evening in Asslar in Hesse.
However, orders bubbled more than in early 2019: The
Order intake rose 16 percent to EUR 172.9 million.

AT&T withdraws forecast due to Corona – profit increases to
Start of the year

DALLAS – The US telecom and media group AT&T Has
his annual goals given the uncertainties surrounding the
Corona crisis withdrawn. “The economic impact of
Pandemic and resulting social changes are
currently unpredictable, “the company said on Wednesday
Dallas with. Previously, the group had sales growth between
targeted one and two percent. The stock put in before trading started
easy to.

ROUNDUP: Unicredit provides significantly more money for bad loans

MILAN – The Italian major bank Unicredit calculates
because of the economic consequences of the corona pandemic with one
significant increase in loan defaults. As the first major bank in Europe
the parent company of the German Hypovereinsbank figured on
Wednesday how severe the outbreak of the virus and its consequences are
Business in the first quarter.

ROUNDUP: STMicro expects sales to decline – market anyway

GENEVA – The semiconductor manufacturer STMicroelectronics
expects mainly because of the weakness of the car industry as a result of
Corona crisis with a significant drop in sales in the second quarter.
In the second half of the year, however, the Infineon competitor expects
demand is picking up again. However, this is unlikely
sufficient to grow throughout the year. And this is how STMicro presents itself
in the worst case, a drop in revenue of up to 8 percent
$ 8.8 billion for 2020 as the company said on
Wednesday announced. So far, STMicro has had one
Sales increase expected.

ROUNDUP: Snapchat wants advertising dollars with young people in corona crisis
Attract users

VENICE – The photo app Snapchat is significantly more in Corona times
used – and their makers even hope that in the crisis
Advertising platform to score. So today’s fun filters, at
which you can miss cat whiskers for example, too
used by cosmetic companies to make users virtual
Having beauty products tried out, said founder and boss
Evan Spiegel.

ROUNDUP: Hannover Re and Talanx cancel profit targets
Corona crisis

HANNOVER – The corona crisis is now making the profit plans of the
Reinsurer Hannover Re and his
Majority owner Talanx (HDI) nullified. Because of too
expected insurance losses and the turbulence at the
Financial markets pulled both companies from Hanover on Tuesday evening
their profit targets for 2020 back. At further record wins
hard to think at the moment. With the planned dividends for 2019 want
However, the board members make no cuts, even if the
European insurance regulator Eiopa had requested this.

ROUNDUP: VW truck holding company Traton with a slump in profits due to the corona crisis

MUNICH – The truck and bus manufacturer Traton has the
The effects of the corona crisis were clearly felt in the first quarter
to get. According to preliminary figures, sales were around 5.7
Billion euros around 11 percent lower than a year earlier, like
the VW subsidiary with brands such as MAN, Scania and the Brazilian VW
Caminhoes e Onibus announced on Tuesday evening in Munich. Of the
At 160 million euros, operating profit was around two thirds
lower than a year earlier.

Network supplier Ericsson sees demand in crisis robust – 5G
picks up speed

STOCKHOLM – The network supplier Ericsson calculates
even in the Corona crisis with robust demand for parts
for telecommunication networks. The industry is likely to be in the pandemic
show resilience, and the company is with his
competitive 5G products and cost structures well
positioned, Ericsson boss Börje Ekholm said on Wednesday
Stockholm with. In the first quarter, the spread of the
Lung disease Covid-19 has a limited impact on your own
Had business. Therefore, Ericsson remains in spite of existing
Uncertainties in its annual forecast.

Building materials company CRH cuts costs due to corona crisis

DUBLIN – The Irish building materials producer CRH gets
feel the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. The of
Governments worldwide imposed restrictions on the public
Life has had an impact on the CRH business since mid-March, shared
the competitor of HeidelbergCement on Wednesday in
Dublin with. The pandemic is likely to affect the economy and the 2020
Construction activity of the group.

Vodafone starts expanding 5G in the area

DÜSSELDORF – A good ten months after the billion dollar bill
Auction of radio frequencies for the fifth generation of mobile communications
in Germany Vodafone has now also the 5G expansion in
of the area started. 5G plants were built in rural areas
North Rhine-Westphalia, Baden-Württemberg and Brandenburg together with
technology partner Ericsson put into operation.

Südzucker achieves goals – outlook with reservations

MANNHEIM – The sugar producer Südzucker has his
Targets achieved in the past financial year (at the end of February). The
Operating profit improved from 27 to 116 million in 2019/20
Euro, as the company on Wednesday in Mannheim based on preliminary
Figures announced. Südzucker benefited from better ones
Doing business with his ethanol subsidiary CropEnergies and the
Specialty area. Südzucker previously had 70 to 130 million

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