Business Börse Express - Fraport doesn't want to pay a...

Börse Express – Fraport doesn’t want to pay a dividend

The airport operator Fraport
makes a U-turn in its distribution policy. So he wants
MDax group at the general meeting propose that the
Shareholders will not receive a dividend for 2019. Instead
the profit should flow into the reserves, said Fraport on Wednesday
With. Whether the shareholders will receive a distribution for the current year
received, be still open.

Fraport had announced on March 13 that the dividend for 2019 and
2020 should be two euros. That explains the change of heart
Companies with the “unpredictable market development”
the corona virus. The aviation industry is quasi through the pandemic
at standstill./fba

 ISIN  DE0005773303

AXC0430 2020-03-25 / 17: 31

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