Börse Express – Merck expands biotech drug business in Switzerland


The Darmstadt Merck Group is building
its biotech drug business in Switzerland. The
Pharmaceutical and chemical companies invest 250 million euros in one
new facility for research and production of biotechnical
Active ingredients for clinical studies, Merck announced on Monday. In
a new development center in Corsier-sur-Vevey east of
Lausanne on Lake Geneva is said to have 250 people working so far
several locations are distributed. Completion is in 2021

Merck wanted patients to access urgently needed things more quickly
enable new drugs, said CEO Stefan Oschmann
at the groundbreaking. The plant is said to be producing and researching

Merck already operates a biotech production center in Aubonne, 50
Kilometers further west. Switzerland is the most important location
for the production of biotechnological medicines at Merck. In the
the Dax Corporation more than
one billion Swiss francs (around 940 million euros) in the country
invests and employs a good 2,400 people in several

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