Börse Express – New Osram owner AMS wants fast integration

The Austrian sensor specialist AMS
continues after the Osram Takeover on
rapid integration of both companies. “AMS and Osram will be
become a company as soon as possible, “said AMS boss
Alexander Everke of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” (weekend edition).
He also announced job cuts. “Since we are looking for synergies
overall there will be fewer employees. ”
Exact numbers cannot yet be given.

The headquarters of the new company will be at the AMS headquarters in
Premstätten in Steiermark, Munich would be the function of a
Have co-headquarters. It has not yet been decided how that
Company will be called in the future. However, the AMS boss emphasized: “The
The Osram brand will be retained. “

Mixed teams from AMS and Osram looked at where to look in the future
save, Everke told the newspaper. “Of course it will
thoroughly examined the Osram portfolio. Not everything today
belonging to it will be able to remain. “To the consequences of the
Corona crisis Everke said: “We know that Osram is very strong from
Auto business depends, so we’re on difficult times

After a long bidding war with US financial investors, AMS
The necessary majority of shares in Munich at the end of last year
Lighting company Osram reached. Everke now wants the purchase by the end of June
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