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ZWICKAU / WOLFSBURG (dpa-AFX) – Back to production: after around five weeks
Corona standstill at Volkswagen the
Auto production slowly started again. It started on Thursday
the plant in Zwickau, Saxony – at half the pace. “Health goes
before quantity, “said the managing director of technology and logistics
Volkswagen Saxony, Reinhard de Vries. For the time being, only one
50 vehicles per shift are manufactured, which is one third
the previous amount. In Zwickau the
fully electric ID.3 the – next to the Golf 8 – the most important new
Group model built.

VW also drives in the neighboring Chemnitz engine plant
the operation is now gradually increasing. The Transparent Factory in
Dresden, where cars have been delivered again since Thursday
on Monday (April 27th) – the Wolfsburg headquarters and the
Emden and Hanover factories. In some internal suppliers of the
VW group is already working again, more car factories are said to be
to come.

For the safety of around 10,000 employees at the three
Volkswagen is committed to ensuring locations in Saxony
among other things on stricter hygiene standards, strict distance rules and
shorter cleaning intervals. This week there were initially 1,500
Employees brought back from short-time work, another 500 are due on
Follow Monday.

One of them is Heiko Gruner, who is obviously happy
to be back on the line. “I’ve had one in the past few weeks
The task and the usual daily structure were missing, “says the
49 year old. He is currently with his young colleague Max Brühmann
a headlight installed on the front of a black ID.3 – with
Mouth and nose protection and gloves. “I wear work gloves like
90 percent of my colleagues always, but the mask is fine
unusual, “he admits.

Because the headlamp can only be used in pairs and one
Distance of 1.50 meters is not feasible, mask requirement applies,
explains Holger Hollmann, manager of assembly hall 5. Before
You have to restart each individual workstation with regard to the
Infection risks re-evaluated. Also in washrooms, changing rooms and
Toilets and at lunch: keep your distance. In addition, must
every employee take a self-test before starting work,
Measure temperature included.

His health concept with more than 100 individual measures is the
Car maker also available to its 40,000 suppliers worldwide. With
The first of them can do something about the restart in Saxony
exhale. “In particular the suppliers, the components like
Manufacture axles, cockpits or cable harnesses in sequence and the
Vehicle factories upstream need a restart
urgent, “said Dirk Vogel from the Saxony automotive supplier network
(AMZ) of the dpa. Like service providers close to the factory, for example from the
Logistics industry, these companies would have nothing in the short term
Alternatives to open up orders elsewhere.

In the Slovakian city of Bratislava, where the VW group has large SUVs and
Production of small cars, production has already started again.
The restart will be particularly important at the beginning of next week
in the main Wolfsburg plant, which includes the Golf and Tiguan

Also the truck and bus subsidiary MAN starts on Monday.
After the Germans there should be more European and American ones
Locations continue to work. The VW-US plant in Chattanooga
(Tennessee) will gradually return from the break on May 3rd.
Its head Tom du Plessis said: “We have the past
Weeks used to implement strict health and safety measures
to carry out. “The step is in line with relaxed
Authority guidelines.

In contrast to Germany, where tens of thousands of employees work
Short-time work was mostly registered for the US colleagues
unpaid forced leave. Factories in
Latin America and South Africa start operations. In China, the
Country of origin of the pandemic, almost all locations were recently back
on the net.

Also at the West German VW component locations (Braunschweig,
Salzgitter, Kassel) is produced again. In Braunschweig, for example
However, the plant management and works council also had last week
announced that some areas will probably only continue from May 3.
The reason is “declines in demand, supply bottlenecks and thus
associated uncontrollable disruptions in supply relationships from
Coronavirus Affected Countries and Regions “.

The production capacity is initially lower than usual
VW subsidiary Audi has already started at some locations
again, the main plant in Ingolstadt should be added on Monday. Daimler
started restarting last time
Monday (April 19), in the first quarter the group had to
Cope with slump in profits. At VW, too, the operating profit fell
according to preliminary figures last. BMW has so far
no details about the planned restart yet.

The automotive industry is an important industry in Saxony. Greatest
Challenge for the approximately 800 suppliers with 75,000 employees
In view of international interdependencies, the question is whether and when
all parts are available. “That is why the start-up must be gradual
done so that the entire supply chain can follow, “said

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