Börse Express – ROUNDUP / New York shares Conclusion: Dow is on the decline again after dark job data

Have bleak prospects on the US job market
investors on Friday again fled Wall Street
driven. At first it looked like she was one
Employment declines by over 700,000 people after those previously
would put away known bad news. Then it slipped
Dow Jones Industrial because of the one with the corona virus
associated recession worries more clearly into the minus.

At the closing bell, the leading index lost 1.69 percent on Friday
21 052.53 points. On a weekly basis, he has his minus at 2.7
Percent expanded. For the broader S&P 500
the week closed at 1.51 percent to 2488.65
Downhill points. The technology-heavy Nasdaq 100
lost 1.41 percent to 7528.11 points. All indices closed
however somewhat recovered from its daily low.

BayernLB spoke of a “building up” in the US job market
Tsunami “because of the drastic than feared job cuts in the
March. Bernd Krampen from NordLB only sees it as “the first
Wave a clearcut “. The true extent will probably only be in
next job report. The previous day had first applications
Unemployment assistance, which is not yet in the figures now presented
included, a devastating picture has already been drawn.

Another key topic on the US stock exchanges remained on Friday
Oil price on recovery since the previous day. A sound
Media reports leading crisis meeting scheduled for Monday
Production states became the new driver here. The effect on
Oil stocks faded, however, like the Dow values, which were clearly turned negative
ExxonMobil and chevron with taxes from
showed up to 3 percent.

In the case of the papers from
Boeing stood a small one at the end of the day
Recovery movement of around 1 percent on the course board.
According to media reports, the aircraft manufacturer hopes his
Personnel costs in times of crisis with severance payments and premature
To be able to push retirement solutions. Boeing lost one in the meantime
another major order for his problem flyer 737 Max.

Walmart shares were also winners in the Dow with 0.7
Percent plus. The market said there were signs that the
Retail group in the past few weeks because of the virus crisis
Sales increased significantly – driven by “hamster purchases”
of US consumers.

For airlines, however, it was after a mixed start
further down. American Airlines were first
traded below the ten dollar mark in its history, in the end
they lost 6.7 percent. With the competitors Delta and United
the discounts fell significantly less with a maximum of 2.3 percent

The papers of the electric car maker Tesla pulled on the Nasdaq
because of what turned out to be better than expected
Delivery figures attract attention. After a percentage
double-digit rise, the momentum flattened here with a
eventual increase of 5.6 percent. The second quarter
is likely to be tough for the company due to the corona crisis,
argued analyst Ryan Brinkman of JPMorgan.

On the broader market, Goldman Sachs recommended buying
Twitter shares at least with 0.3 percent in the plus
hold. After the recent price slide, despite the consequences of the
Corona crisis in the advertising market for investors an entry opportunity,
wrote analyst Heath Terry. The number of users rose strongly since the
Informed and during the almost global shutdown
want to stay connected.

The Euro linked the case under the brand of
$ 1.08 to its recent losses. It only tasted in the deep
still $ 1.0773, most recently showed $ 1.0811
recovered again. The European Central Bank (ECB) set the
Meanwhile, the reference exchange rate was $ 1.0785 (Thursday: 1.0906)
firmly. The dollar thus cost 0.9272 (0.9169) euros.

While there were losses mentioned on the stock market, they moved
the prices of US government bonds in late business hardly.
Trend-setting ten-year papers lost 1/32 point to 108
19/32 points. They paid 0.60 percent / tih / h

— By Timo Hausdorf, dpa-AFX —

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