Börse Express – Tui boss on summer vacation in Europe: Mallorca comes first

Tui boss Friedrich Joussen wants it that way
Vacation trips to the Mediterranean region as soon as possible
to offer. “We have a health check for all vacation destinations
elaborated and will only offer vacation where it is safe
is. Mallorca will be in the first place. The hotels
have made a test run there, can start immediately and guests
“, he said the” Bild am Sonntag “. Also Greece,
Cyprus, Croatia, Bulgaria, Austria and Denmark are in good shape
prepared for summer tourism.

However: “First of all, Germany must open the borders,” said
Joussen. The general and worldwide travel warning until June 14th
he doesn’t think it’s right. One should rather for each country or
make an individual assessment of each region. Looks for 2021
Joussen is already a booking plus. “The Germans are and will remain
Travel world champion. You’d better postpone buying one
new cars as their annual vacation. “

On the plane, Joussen thinks it is right to wear a face mask.
“There won’t be long queues for that
Temperature measurements where the airports offer it. “

There are also said to be controls on the Tui cruise ships.
“We will be ready from July but, like flights, we need them
Authorization from the authorities. The captains are working on new routes in
North and east Sea. There will be more sea days, many love the real one
Relaxation on the water. Probably travel up to at the beginning
1000 guests on a ship. “Corona test equipment should be on board,
the health staff in the on-board hospital will be increased./zeh/DP/zb

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