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Thursday Mateusz Morawiecki he announced that he intended to refer a proposal to the Constitutional Court on the Istanbul Convention. The Tribunal is to examine the compliance of the Council of Europe document with the Constitution.

– Many people claim that the Istanbul Convention violates the Polish legal order and is an ideological document. These are very serious doubts that need to be properly addressed. As government We share these concerns and have the right to believe that this document may be inconsistent with the Polish Constitution. That is why I have decided to submit a request to the Constitutional Tribunal to review the content of the Istanbul Convention with the Constitution, said the head of government.

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Istanbul Convention. Why does Ziobro want to terminate it?

The termination of the convention is demanded by the Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro, who at the beginning of the week submitted a formal application to the family ministry.

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Bortniczuk: The Istanbul Convention, in principle, is for the wild

Decisions premiere commented on TVN24 Kamil Bortniczuk, MP of the Agreement (party – coalition partner Law and Justice). The former deputy minister of funds and regional policy expressed the hope that the Constitutional Tribunal would issue a verdict “as soon as possible”.

– This is not as controversial as it seems. It is also not like the opposition claims that women’s safety depends in any way on the functioning of this convention in the legal system. We already have solutions for the safety of women in our legal system, and not since the adoption of one document or another. This convention, as a rule, is for the wilderness – said Bortniczuk.

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– If any woman is hurt, no convention will protect her. If a Polish woman is hurt in the street, she will most likely be protected by a Polish man, even from another man, added the MP for the Agreement.

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According to Bortniczuk, the preamble to the Istanbul Convention already indicates that “this is not a document addressed to the legal systems of civilized countries such as Poland”. – In addition to issues such as rape, sexual harassment and domestic violence, which we already have in our law, the convention also mentions damage to the genital organs or killing or harming the body on honorary grounds. These are things that absolutely do not characterize our civilization – he assessed.

– This is a convention that can indeed introduce a new quality in the protection of women’s rights, but in countries that we, as civilized people, define as wild, said Bortniczuk.

These words were later referred to by the second guest of the “Tak jest” program – JarosÅ‚aw Urbaniak z Civic Coalition. – Sometimes you have to be careful with your words. The deputy, using the word “wilderness”, said, however, that Poland is a wilderness, because there are things in this convention that have not been introduced into the Polish legal system since its ratification five years ago. For example, such an obvious thing today as economic violence. Absolutely nothing was done in this matter – stressed Urbaniak.

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