Borys Szyc’s father has a clear regret about the name of his grandson. There was an exchange of views

Borys Szyc for years he avoided contact with his father, Jerzy Michalak. It is not surprising because the man left the actor’s mother when he was a newborn. As a result, the star grew up without a single parent, which was extremely painful for him. In an archival interview for “Pani” magazine, Borys Szyc mentioned that the absence of a father was very noticeable, as he did not have a male role model:

I can learn to drive a nail myself later, it’s a little fun. More so that he will not show you how a man should behave – according to this father, of course – in maturing situations, when he falls in love for the first time. I only knew the female version of all these behaviors

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