Boshmiha leads the Serbian women’s volleyball team in the Olympic group stage or scheming to avoid Zhu Ting_Chinese women’s volleyball team

Original title: Boshmiha leads the Serbian women’s volleyball team in the Olympic group stage or plays tricks to avoid Zhu Ting

Speaking of Lang Ping’s leadership of the Chinese women’s volleyball team’s rushing to the Tokyo Olympics’ rivals, Uncle De Terzic’s coaching of Serbia is one of them. The top stars include the beauty of Boskovic and Tianjin’s former foreign aid against Mikhailovich. The famous marshal Lang Ping is required to prepare targeted defenses for these two heavy artillery. Serbian women’s volleyball team decisively abandon the world league for the Tokyo Olympics. The three-game winning streak of the Italian all-main team in the warm-up match can be described as a boost, but it does not rule out that Telzic will copy Rio’s scheming scene at the Tokyo Olympics in order to successfully avoid Lang Pinghe. Zhu Ting chose to play a “match-fixing”, on the other hand, the Chinese women’s volleyball team needs to firmly grasp the initiative.

History: The Rio Olympics was reversed to watch Zhu Ting win the crown

This is the fourth time in the history of the Serbian women’s volleyball team to advance to the Olympics. As early as the 2008 Beijing Olympics, it was divided into Group B and ranked fourth. However, in the quarter-finals, it lost 3 games in a row and surrendered to Cuba and ranked tied for fifth. ; The Serbian women’s volleyball team challenged the Chinese women’s volleyball team, the United States, South Korea, Brazil and Turkey in the 2012 London group stage. The group of death had to accept the bitter consequences of a five-game losing streak in the face of the tragedy of the strong. Group B was eliminated from the bottom of the ranking. This led to a tie for 11th.

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The 2016 Rio Olympics made Serbia’s women’s volleyball team proud. Earlier, they won the runner-up in the 2015 World Cup and greatly increased their confidence in the medals. They also faced the death group of the United States, China, Italy and the Netherlands. They also closed Russia and the semi-finals in the quarterfinals. After entering the United States in five rounds, Lang Ping was the first to win the Chinese women’s volleyball team in the final. However, Ding Xia failed to adapt to the passing rhythm and lost 3 rounds and was reversed. It was the first time that Zhu Ting led the women’s volleyball team in 12 years. It won the Olympic Games for the third time.

Warm-up: send Italy three-game losing streak to the league strategy to give up

The world’s severe epidemic prevention situation has led to a sharp decline in sports events, but the Serbian women’s volleyball team has strategically abandoned the World League, where the main team is trained under the coach Telzic for secret training. Instead, the second team will compete in this international team. Volleyball top competition, the result was only 4 wins, 11 losses and 14 points ranked 13th. The negative effect of playing with fire like this is that the Serbian women’s volleyball team finally fell to 13th in the world ranking. Fortunately, the grouping situation was finalized in advance for the Tokyo Olympics, and Zhu Ting was able to avoid the death group B where Zhu Ting was.

Head coach Terzic hopes to warm up the main lineup through the Invitational, but it is a pity that Russia originally planned to participate but chose to withdraw only Italy. Fortunately, both teams have sent their main players to achieve the effect of training. Serbia’s women’s volleyball team also beat Italy 3-2 in the three warm-up matches. The results were (29-27, 25-19, 22-25, 21-25, 15-12), (19-25, 30-28, 17-25, 29-27, 15-9), (25-18, 23-25, 24-26, 25-22, 16-14), as the strong rivals of Chinese women’s volleyball team, boost confidence in the championship, but Italy is surprised Injury captain Silas.

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Prediction: There is no suspense when the group goes out or try to avoid Zhu Ting

Terzic is well known by fans all over the world for being in charge of the Serbian women’s volleyball team. Another hidden identity is the uncle of tennis superstar Djokovic. This controversial coach is even more questioned by fans for always playing tricks. The 2016 Rio Olympic team As the runner-up of the World Cup, in order to make the World Cup champion Chinese women’s volleyball team out early, he deliberately lost the Netherlands 2-3 in the last round of the group stage, forcing Lang Ping and Zhu Ting to rank fourth in the group. The host Brazil, however, finally surrendered to China in the final. The women’s volleyball team lost the championship.

The two cores of Serbia’s offensive are no strangers to the Chinese women’s volleyball team. The transfer of Bosnia and Herzegovina national player Mikhailovich is the main attacker of Tianjin’s former foreign aid. His offensive strength is outstanding. Unfortunately, there are weaknesses in the back row protection link. Fluctuations appear; the beautiful girl responds to Boskovich’s attacking power as the Italian heavy artillery Egnu, and Zhu Ting has once faced off in the Turkish Super League and the Champions League. Nowadays, the frontal offensive and defensive competitions are also experienced. Lang Ping is obviously against Bosch. Kovic and Mikhailovich deployed targeted defenses.

Successfully avoided the deadly group B where the defending champion Chinese women’s volleyball team is located. Serbia was placed in Group A by virtue of being ranked 3rd in the world at the time. In addition to Brazil, which has an aging structure, its competitors are slightly stronger. No matter the host, Japan, Dominica, and South Korea are obviously not opponents. , Not surprisingly, teamed up with Brazil to lock the top 2 of Group A. The problem is that the second team in the group needs to draw lots to determine the opponents in the quarter-finals. Given that the Serbian women’s volleyball team has a precedent for “fixing matches” in Rio, it is not ruled out that they will continue to try to avoid Zhu Ting. (Ren Yuyin)

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Count the list of 12 men in Serbia’s women’s volleyball team for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics:

Head coach: TerziĆ Zoran

Main attack: No. 1 Busa (Busa Bianka), No. 9 Mihajlovic (Mihajlovic Brankica, Tianjin former foreign aid), No. 19 Milenkovic (Milenkovic Bojana), No. 20 Blagojevic Jelena (Blagojevic Jelena) )

Secondary attack: No. 5 Popovic-M (Popovic Mina), No. 14 Aleksic Maja (Aleksic Maja), No. 16 Rasic Milena (Rasic Milena)

Reception: No. 13 Bjelica Ana, No. 18 Boškovic Tijana

Second pass: No. 8 Mirkovic Sladjana, No. 10 Ognjenovic Maja (Captain)

Free man: No. 17 Popovic-S (Popovic Silvija)Return to Sohu to see more


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