Bossa nova, vallenato, reggae and many tears: this was the tribute to Laura Pausini, the Person of the Year for the Latin Grammy 2023

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In more than two decades of life, the Latin Recording Academy has honored 24 artists with their Person of The Year award. An honorary gramophone, which 21 men and women have received only three women: Gloria Estefan, Shakira and Laura Pausini (49), who was honored, this Wednesday, at the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Seville. “I am happy to be the third woman to become the Latin Grammy Person of the Year… And the first honoree of non-Latin or Spanish origin! Although I don’t feel different from Latinos. I am one of you. Hot blood runs through my veins,” Pausini confessed to EL MUNDO.

Upon arriving at the red carpet, the Italian revealed that – during the ceremony – many of her friends would “cover” part of her repertoire. Despite this, she claimed not to know the identity of the singers who would perform. “I have no idea who is going to perform at my tribute. But I know I will love it. Or so I hope. And the thing is… If I don’t like it, what do I do? “Where am I?” he said, laughing. However, Laura smiled from the second the show began. Above all, when the lights turned on and a choir of 10 people appeared, two guitarists, two cajon players and a dancer. .

For a couple of seconds, the two thousand attendees thought it was a flamenco number. However, it was nothing other than the introduction he chose Alejandro Sanz to sing four songs of his intimacy. The first one that Alejandro chose was Welcome and later he sang no one has said next to India Martínez. When the woman from Córdoba stepped on stage, Pausini shed her first tear. Although he didn’t cry completely until his great friend intoned I will be back next to you with Anna Mena.

Moments later, Malú and Girl Shepherd They joined the Sanz party. They sang Loneliness and the emotion overflowed in the heart of the honoree. “Laura, we all love you, we respect you and we celebrate every second of your life,” said the interpreter of The soul to air, who gave way to Manuel Abud -the president of the Academy- already Andrea Boccelli. One of the singer’s oldest friends. “I met her when she was starting her journey and I still remember everything that happened with her. Loneliness. That song opened doors for her and now she is a star,” she told EL MUNDO.

Boccelli performed an Italian version of Sheof Elvis Costello. One of Laura’s favorite topics. Although the other singers decided to present songs that were authored by the Italian. Among them, Strange Loves. A single from 1994, which Vanessa Martin and the Mexican Cari Leon brought to the present. “Laura, for me, you are a reference. I am surprised by how you manage to balance your personal life with your professional life, how you navigate between success and crazy life. You accept the tides come as they come and I want you to know that you will always have me there,” he said the malagueña

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