Boston Celtics saves first match ball after great third quarter

Boston Celtics has saved the first match ball against Miami Heat thanks to a great third quarter, the leadership of the Jays, the very good game of Daniel Theis, a remarkable defense on the triple, the dominance of the rebound and a much better control of the ball than in the fourth game.

121-108 victory to cut to 3-2 and stay alive for the season. All in a game that the Miami Heat dominated in the first half, but turned radically in the second, with Boston going from dominated to dominating after scoring 41 points in the third quarter.

Jayson Tatum Y Jaylen Brown they were the leaders that the Celtics fans demanded. They did not fail. The first one added 31 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists, was 14 free throw times and, which was momentous, scored 17 points in the crucial third quarter, the moment in which the game turned to the benefit of Boston. The second finished with 28 points and 8 rebounds, was above 50% correct on the field goal and hit 4 triples.

Also, great performance by German Theis with 15 points, 13 rebounds and 3 blocks.

Boston had their entire quintet in double-digit scoring. Kemba Walker He fell short again (15 points and 7 assists) and Marcus Smart he offered a complete performance taking fewer shots (12 points, 8 rebounds, 8 assists and 4 steals).

Also highlight that One’s Edges entered the rotation this time to the detriment of Robert Williams, and he did it by contributing to the team with a very good first half in offense and rebounding.

Another who contributed from the second unit was the forward Gordon Hayward. Of course, without moving in large numbers.

In Miami, 23 points of Goran Dragic (18 in the second part), 20 of Duncan Robinson (only 3 after the break) and 17 plus 8 rebounds and 8 assists from Jimmy Butler, which only pitched 11 times. Bam adebayo He did not show all his conditions, he is affected by the problems that he drags in one shoulder, but he added 13 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists.

In addition, 14 points of Jae Crowder, with 0 of 6 from the triple, and another 14 of Tyler Herro, who becomes the backup rookie with the most playoff points in the past 30 years.

In the collective field, the Celtics left the rival 19.4% from the triple (horrible 7 of 36), dominated the rebound by capturing 13 offenses and controlled the turnovers. Nothing to lose 19 balls, which were the ones they lost in the previous match.

The Celtics were slow to get into the situation. His start to the game was really regrettable. At 7 minutes of play the score was 5-17, with Boston at 1 of 12 on the shot and already with 4 turnovers.

Shortly after, with 15-24 on the scoreboard, Duncan Robinson already had 12 points, and not exactly from 4 triples. On the contrary, the rookie had already achieved 4 points in penetrations. It seemed that if he was not a rookie, it was another who had to crush the greens.

The 18-26 of the first quarter was highly worrying for the hosts of Brad Stevens, since Boston was at a lousy 25% on the field goal.

The second act involved an improvement in Boston, although insufficient. Tatum scored her first basket in play at the beginning of the quarter, Robinson scored again from the paint,. Solomon Hill Y Kelly Olynyk They shared the court for the first time in the series, Enes Kanter regained privileges in the rotation to the detriment of Robert Williams and the divided balls fell again and again in the hands of Miami.

Heat was back to 12 up (28-40). By then, between Tatum, Brown, Smart and Kemba they had a series of 5 of 21 in the shot. Things were bad in Boston.

Kanter hurt the paint, Jae Crowder missed triples released, and kept missing them all night, and Boston began to get into the contest little by little until they cut the deficit to 4, but little more.

At halftime, 51-58 with Boston raising their percentages and with Miami having Duncan Robinson (17 points) and Jimmy Butler (14 with 8 rebounds and 5 assists) as leaders on the court.

The third quarter was crucial. 41-25 for Boston. Yes, 41 points scored against the renowned Miami defense, which this time faltered.

A basket by Jaylen Brown put Boston (62-60) ahead for the first time in the game. And the Celtic festival continued until a partial 20-5 to go 71-63 after a triple by Tatum. Not only was Miami becoming fragile behind, but above all it was unable to tackle Boston’s fantastic defense. In the first 6 and a half minutes of the quarter, 5 points to Heat.

Playing the third quarter, Theis blocked Herro, Kemba Walker triple and Jimmy Butler fourth foul. All in the blink of an eye. Circumstances increasingly favored some unleashed Celtics who came to put themselves with a 14-point advantage (92-78) after another basket by Tatum, who signed 17 points in this quarter, a quarter in which the Slovenian Dragic held as best he could. his team, a team that was disastrous from the line of 3 throughout the match, finishing the game with 4 of 24 the trio formed by Robinson, Crowder and Dragic himself and with 7 of 36 the entire team.

Come the last act, Boston conspired not to reach the end with a tight score. Every time something like this has happened, Miami has won. It did not happen this time. Boston reached 16 difference (107-91) with 6:34 left with a basket from Hayward. And from there there was no emotion.

Good game control of the Celtics in the final stretch until reaching a maximum income of 19 points (117-98) after a 2 + 1 from the recurring Tatum again. Earlier, Brown had made a basket by dancing under the hoop. The party was more than decided. Brad Stevens and his people could breathe. The Celtics had saved a difficult situation in a game that went from losing by 12 in the second quarter to leading by 19 in the last. Quite a change of direction based on defense and lucid attack under the Jays’ power.

The Eastern Finals are alive, though the Boston Celtics’ final victory still looks like a miracle if the Boston team is unable to play the tight finals well. Because not every day you will enjoy endings given to relaxation.

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