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Both men and women are beaten in isolators / Article /

For the sixth day in a row, protests in Belarus after the presidential election on Sunday have not stopped. Citizens are demanding repeated, fair elections or a review of the results of the elections, which are considered to be rigged. In response to what is happening in Belarus, the situation is currently being discussed by European Union foreign ministers to decide on sanctions against Minsk. Hundreds of prisoners have been released by the Belarussian authorities ahead of the planned meeting.

Although several hundred prisoners were released by the Belarusian authorities last night, protesters continue to take to the streets of Minsk and other cities today. Citizens are demanding a review of Sunday’s election results, as well as outrage at a number of human rights abuses. Violence by security staff and brutal retaliation against the population have been documented since the protests began.

Those released from Minsk’s Central Offender Detention Center “Okrestina” last night explain that they were in harsh conditions. Both men and women are beaten. A doctor who helped the victims during the protest was detained on Tuesday.

“Special services stopped our car, pulled it out and put it on its knees. We had our hands folded behind our heads. Everything happened in silence, we didn’t explain anything,” said one of the detainees. She also found that there were about 50 people in the cell for three or four people. “Not only that we couldn’t sleep, we stood on our feet for several nights. There was nowhere to sit. The toilet was a kind of cloister and stinked all the time. The window was only slightly open, so there was not enough air,” the detainee said.

Another woman, who was detained on Thursday, told reporters that she had been stripped of her trousers, beaten and threatened with rape. “I was treated like an animal. On the ground, on the knees, beaten. Promised for ten years. About what? He said I was a terrorist. He told me what I didn’t do at all,” the detainee revealed.

Several of those released from the isolator needed medical attention, and many were immediately taken to hospitals.

When Belarus Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Alexander Barsukov arrived at the institution at night, he claimed that there had been no human rights violations.

However, given the pressure on Europe from Europe and other Western countries, the Minister of the Interior Yuriy Karajev admitted in an interview with the state television that mistakes had been made and apologized for unjustified abuses. “In front of people who have been injured, victims of violence, I, as commander and leader, have a responsibility,” Karajev said, asking people for forgiveness.

Also on Lithuania fled Belarusian presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovska condemns the authorities for the violence. At the same time, the presidential candidate calls for continued pressure on Minsk to review the election results. “Violence on the streets of Belarus must be stopped. I call on the authorities to end it and start a dialogue. I call on the mayors of all cities to hold peaceful mass rallies on 15 and 16 August,” Tihanovska said.

In several Belarusian companies and factories continues today strikes and a spontaneous counting of votes to find out who actually received the majority in the presidential election. For example, in a tractor factory, employees almost unanimously stated that it was Tikhanyovsky on a question they had voted on.

President Lukashenko has condemned the strikers, warning that if foreign companies close down, foreign producers will soon enter the market, undermining Belarus’ economy.


In Belarus, people are protesting against the results of Sunday’s presidential election. According to the information provided by the Central Election Commission of Belarus, long-term president Alexander Lukashenko won 80.1% of the vote, but opposition candidate Svetlana Tikhanovska – 10.1%.

A statement issued by the High Representative of the European Union (EU), Joseph Borrell, on Tuesday, August 11, said that the presidential elections in Belarus had not taken place. neither free nor fair. Friday, August 14 an extraordinary meeting of the EU Foreign Affairs Council has been convened, where urgent issues will be discussed, including the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean, the presidential elections in Belarus and the events in Lebanon.

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