Lhe provincial report on Friday reported 94 new deaths reported linked to COVID-19 since the day before. The account is of 2725 Quebecers who succumbed to the disease.

Out of 94, Montreal claims 61 and Laval 14, for 80% of the daily accumulation. The two islands now account for 2,083 deaths, for 76% of the Quebec total. While their inhabitants represent only 29% of the population.

If this was the first daily assessment below 100 dead in four days, we cannot yet speak of a downward trend. The average since the contagion summit announced on April 18 is around 96 deaths per day, a standard that has been maintained for three weeks.

Friday, the traditional press briefing on Parliament Hill in Quebec was on weekdays for the first time since the crisis began on March 12. While the national director of public health, Horacio Arruda, had just moved to Montreal to reveal the massive screening strategy implemented in the greater metropolitan area, the Prime Minister, François Legault, was following his new lean pace at three outings public per week.

Sunday will be the 60th day of the crisis in Quebec.

2,000 dead aged 80 and over

This week, there was a lot of talk about the deconfinement or not of healthy people aged 60 to 69, among other things because of their imminent return to a class of students or with a group of toddlers in daycare. The Legault government has flip-flopped on the risks faced by members of this age group and the need to protect them more than the youngest.

The fact remains that COVID-19 continues to concentrate its devastation among the even older ranks, in particular in places of accommodation and care for the elderly such as CHSLDs.

As of Friday, more than 2,000 Quebecers aged 80 and over have been cut down by the ugly virus (2011). If we add the 70 to 79 year olds, the sad mark of the 2500 will be reached on Saturday (2481).

Falling hospitalizations

On a positive note, the number of patients bedridden in Quebec hospitals due to COVID-19 was down for the second consecutive day. There are 1,827 hospitalized coronavirus patients, including 207 in intensive care. The latter statistic was down 17 from Thursday. It’s the lowest level in two weeks.

With an increase of 912 positive cases recorded in 24 hours, Quebec had 24,497 active cases of COVID-19 on its territory on Friday and 8,929 people officially recovered. No less than 36,150 Quebecers have been affected since the first confirmed case, on February 27.

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