Bothell, Issaquah's students ordered home for possible exposure to measles


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Twenty students and 11 staff members from Issaquah High School and another 19 from Bothell's North Creek High School were ordered to stay at home after being exposed to a staff member who confirmed they had measles.

Another case of measles identified in King County

Students and staff were sent home because they had never been immunized or could not prove their immunization. Consequently, they are "excluded" from the school until the end of the 21 day incubation period for the measles virus.

The 20 students of Issaquah High School will have to stay at home until May 31st. North Creek will be allowed to return to school in June.

The Issaquah high school was closed last Thursday after a confirmed measles case was reported to the school. An infected staff member was at the school for a number of days in early May. Officials spent Thursday verifying the immunization status of staff members.

Issaquah school staff member is one of six cases of measles recently traced by the Washington State Department of Health. Last Thursday's check was limited to staff members and did not include students.

Clark County declares the official end of the measles outbreak

Local health officials theorize that the latest epidemic arose from a shared exposure to "an unidentified person" on the morning of April 25, 2019 at Sea-Tac Airport.

In total, three of the identified measles cases were found in King County, one – a high school student in Bothell – in Snohomish County and two in Pierce County.

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