“Bow Melda” opens the way to flirt. “Alek” shows up until the fans cheer for Sanan.

Ready to open the door of your heart? “Bow Melda” announced that she opened her heart for a long time, flirted with me, “Alek Theeradet” appeared in the comments, making the fans happy and cheering to flirt with Sanan.

It can be said that she is a single woman who smells good and has a mount news that there are many heroines flocking to sell dumplings for quite a bit. for a beautiful heroine “Bow Melda Susri” After closing the love story with a boyfriend who developed from a partner to a real couple. “Mick Thongraya” Amid the pity of the fans and supporters From the news of various mounts, many netizens are focusing on many young actors until they are not least watched.

Mother will inform another case! “Om” opens the chat and receives death threats I will not come to claim depression.

“Sunari” encountered a monsoon storm damaged more than 80 rai after being born 53 years ago, just met

“Pok Passorn” takes a good opportunity on his 35th birthday, spend half a million to make merit with the hospital.

and the latest (26 Sep 2021) “Bow Melda” has moved on personal Instagram as if saying that the door of the heart has been opened By posting a hand-painted picture in a flirting position, holding an earring on his personal Instagram Along with attaching a caption saying… “Flirt with me, I’ll open my heart, yay.” Of course, at this event, the young lady was not complaining about comments from entertainers and fans.

Plus, in addition to seeing a young hero with a tee face “Alek Theeradej Methavarayut” which is one of the people that many People thought they were flirting with Bowie. Came in to comment, teasing her briefly that “Oh” side “Bow Melda” Don’t miss a reply that “Okay Number One”

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Before the fans cheering for this couple Both excited and impatient, they came to comment and tease each other a lot, such as “Have a cue card”, “How are you?”, “Like a lot, Lek Kok. Confused hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Can we have one drama together?”, “Number one cute, right? Cheers!”, “The boat has been built 1”, etc.

Thanks Instagram : bow_maylada

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