Health Bowel cancer | for months the doctor tells...

Bowel cancer | for months the doctor tells him it’s just an ulcer

A man suffers from tremendous pain in the abdomen, the fault was of an advanced stage bowel cancer. The doctor doesn’t notice anything.

Dramatic discovery of bowel cancer for a man Photo from the web

A man suffering from bowel cancer he had started to suffer from severe pain with heavy consequences for his body. The person concerned revealed that his doctor for months had not noticed the presence of the horrible disease, despite being the disease in the fourth stage.

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He is a 38-year-old family man with two children and his grandfather died of the same disease at the time. He had gone to be checked on the impulse of his wife, worried about the severe abdominal pain that had hit him and despite a first diagnosis had led to reduce everything to a simple colic. Instead it was an extremely aggressive bowel cancer that had to be removed immediately. Fortunately Mark, this is the name of the unfortunate protagonist of the story, survived and is now 41 years old. In the following six months he underwent eight cycles of chemotherapy, also living with some unpleasant side effects, such as sensitivity to cold, persistent tingling in the hands and more. And before the discovery of cancer, Mark had excruciating stomach pains and lethargy.

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Bowel cancer, for a doctor it was just an ulcer: “You are too young to have a tumor”

The very first diagnosis he received was ulcer, in a private clinic. The next day, however, his GP spoke of colic. Finally his wife Sophie forced Mark to go to the hospital and here the terrible discovery took place, which had been followed by an emergency operation. The doctor justified himself by saying that he did not think that, at the age of 38, the man could have a disease of this magnitude. Yet sudden and sudden symptoms such as blood in the stool, unexplained weight loss, sudden fatigue and the like should act as a spy and persuade those involved to be examined right away. The fact of excluding a disease considering only the age factor is a wrong behavior on the part of a healthcare professional.

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