Bowing to the fans Hütter is enthusiastic about the gray wall


So Adi Hütter (48) has not shown any Frankfurt fans yet. With a fist of exultation, the coach of Eintrachts has stopped after reaching the next round of the European Cup (3: 2 in Limassol) in the corner of the fans.

"This was good for me, some might think," Okay, it seems a little bit distant … I'm very emotional, "Hütter said of herself: 5,000 have traveled supporters to Nicosia and their support In the game he inspired the Austrians, almost everyone wore light gray hoodies (hooded sweatshirts) .The trainer: "It's amazing what the fans are facing. This gray wall really impressed me. "

The gray wall: it was a logistical masterpiece of Northwest Curve fans with the fan consultative committee. A fan explained to BILD how these actions were prepared: the first Pullies had already been sold last weekend in the Frankfurt Louisa fan house. For the price of 20 euros.

Condition: ticket or ticket and the promise not to betray the hooded sweatshirt on the internet or show it in Frankfurt. The money for production was collected by the Ultras.

Thousands of pullovers were shipped in cardboard boxes to Cyprus. There in the buses of the fans sold. Almost the whole curve of Eintracht (and the seat stand) in Frankfurt was gray. Even the players behind.

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Photo: Jan Huebner

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For example, the former coach Armin Veh celebrated in 2013 with 12,000 Eintracht fans in BordeauxPhoto: Jan Huebner

Hütter in front of the gray wall – remembers the former Armin Veh 2013 coach in Bordeaux, who waved a huge fan flag in front of 12,000 Eintracht fans at Orange. Hütter: "I do not like copying, but sometimes I'm emotional, I can not say yet if I do something like that."



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