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The trainer of the Russian mixed-style fighter (MMA) Khabib Nurmagomedov, Javier Mendes, spoke about preparations for the battle against American Justin Gatgi. His words are quoted by the portal

According to Mendes, Gatgi has nothing to surprise Nurmagomedov, although he is an excellent fighter. The expert emphasized that Gatzy, in comparison with Tony Ferguson, has a much less rich arsenal.

Meanwhile, Mendes noted that the American lost only twice in his career and both times – “only because of his stupidity.” “If he fought wisely, then most likely he would have remained undefeated,” the coach concluded.

On May 8, Mendes compared Ferguson and Conor McGregor of Ireland and explained the superiority of the latter. He noted that the Irish should not be allowed to strike, as this could end badly.

On May 10, at UFC 249, Gatgi defeated Ferguson and became the organization’s interim lightweight champion. The next duel Gotzhi should hold against Nurmagomedov. Fighters can meet in August or September of this year.

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