Boy takes control of US school bus after driver faints

A Detroit boy has been hailed as a hero in the Michigan city of Warren after taking control of the school bus he was riding when the driver of the vehicle passed out.

The event occurred on April 26 and the protagonist of the feat was identified as Dillon Reeves, a high school student, the media reported. Fox2Detroit.

The cameras of the school bus show the moment when the driver begins to feel bad and fans himself with his hat to cool off.

They recognize the boy who managed to stop the school bus

The man then took the microphone from the bus and asked an operator for help because he felt very dizzy. “I feel very dizzy. I may have to stop… and I need someone to come and take the children.”

Seconds later he passed out and the bus began to drift to the left, but Reeves jumped out of his seat, ran to the front, grabbed the steering wheel, and managed to hit the brake.

“Somebody call 911 now, somebody call 911,” he yells at his terrified teammates.

When the school bus stopped, a passing man got on board and helped the boy assist the driver, while another woman who was driving behind the bus got out of her vehicle and helped the students out the back, she reported. the aforementioned media outlet.

The driver was hospitalized and is in stable condition.

The boy was applauded at school and recognized by the local authorities, to which his father declared that he is “very proud” of his “little hero”.

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