Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk caught together. They spent Thanksgiving together

In recent years, there has been no shortage of sensational rumors about the relationship in the media Bradley Cooper and Irene Shayk. Recall that little Leah’s parents they officially separated in 2019. Shayk has until recently been associated with Kanye West, Cooper, on the other hand, was supposed to be dating a woman Sure Abedin. For several months, the tabloids have been speculating that the model and the actor are more and more frequent were going to give them another chance.

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper are back together?

As Bradley Cooper i Irina Shayk they had a five-year-old daughter together, after parting they clearly tried to stay in good relations and were often seen on the streets of New York in the company of their children. A few months ago, the couple got together went on vacation in the Bahamas, what only it intensified rumors about the fact that feelings were born between them again. The model then boasted a photo taken during an exotic trip, where you could see as she smiles snuggles up to the actor. In late October, paparazzi captured Shayk and Cooper exchanging smiles during a family walk with little Leia. Recently, however, there were reports that the couple not only got back together, but also … planning another child.

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper caught together again. They spent Thanksgiving together

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In the photos taken by the paparazzi, we can see how The 47-year-old actor with a pompom hat on his head carries a five-year-old child in his arms. You can see it right next to it Irina Shayk in a black tracksuit.

The actor and model walked the streets of New York side by side. Cooper cuddled little Lea tenderly, occasionally chatting with the girl. The star equipped himself with a pair of dark glasses, probably wanting to avoid curious glances. Shayk also decided to take a similar step. The model did not miss the presence of the paparazzi watching her family – at one point, armed with a cup of coffee to go, the star even looked towards the camera and did not look particularly happy.

According to the photojournalists present, Cooper came to pick up the model and their daughter, and then the whole family went to the actor’s New York home to celebrate one of the most important American holidays together.

See how Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk spend time with their daughter on Thanksgiving.

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If they did get back together, good for the baby. If they are not together, and they meet and can have a normal relationship for a daughter – great.

What a pretty daughter, similar to him. Surely they try for a child

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I am surprised / .. why guys like a passing banner ,, and they are classy guys ..

… never coming back! / … because there will be no more bread from this flour

It’s good that they keep a good relationship for their daughter after parting.

and a beautiful face, shown in full – Polish celebrities in the underground…

I think it’s good that they respect each other and raise their daughter together. Just because they’re not together in private doesn’t mean they can’t go out together. Article of the day.

The worst are perfect ladies who see everything in others and only…, here that the child is constantly carried, it seems that they rather want to escape from a bunch of pressing paparazzi and for safety took the child in his arms but the lady is unhappy because that’s not how they should walk around street according to thoughtless lady

A happy child, unfortunately, as long as the parents calm down and appreciate the family, the children are already adults and traumatized.

They make a cripple out of this child, until recently she was wearing diapers. It’s possible he’s still going

Bradley wears a tracksuit, and Irina dresses the little one in Gucci, Versace. Just be interested, seriously. And Lew is all he is, no ‘little irinka’

This baby is carried around or in a stroller all the time… It’s a shame as hell

But a sensation! After all, they have a kid together, probably soon there will be siblings and another separation

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