Bob Bradley, the former coach of Egypt, confirmed that Essam El-Hadary, the former goalkeeper of the team, always prefers himself to the group, and strives to be always present.

“Because of the competitiveness, Essam El-Hadary thinks more of himself than the team and is stubborn and has persistence, and he may continue playing forever,” Bradley told OnTime Sports.

He added: “Al-Hadari always has his character as a strong competitor, and he always wants to prove to others that they are wrong.”

He clarified that he had spoken with Al-Hadary before confronting Chile cordially, and told him that it is necessary to have an honorable tip in guarding the goal, which Al-Hadary rejected.

He pointed out that Al-Hadary did not accept the idea of ​​participating in a courtesy for him as a basic and then went out to the media to announce that he retired from playing before retracting his decision after that.

Bradley concluded his statements: “I had high hopes for Ahmed Al-Shennawi but he suffered injuries in the back that disrupted his career, and at one point I saw that he relied on Sharif Ekrami because he was participating and playing more games with his team.”


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