Braverman challenges Sunak with a plea against the pro-Palestine marches

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Dozens of deputies from all parties have called for the resignation of the Secretary of the Interior Suella Braverman for her harsh allegation against the pro-Palestine marches, in which she accuses Scotland Yard of practicing a “double standard” regarding left-wing demonstrations. The article was published on Thursday in The Times without apparently passing through the Downing Street filter or having the prior approval of Rishi Sunak.

He premier reached an agreement with the chief commissioner of Scotland Yard on Wednesday Mark Rowley to authorize a pro-Palestine march on November 11, coinciding with the celebration of the Armistice Day (or Poppy Day), which pays tribute to the soldiers and civilians who sacrificed their lives in the First World War.

Sunak gave the go-ahead to the march, despite his reservations, upon obtaining assurances from Rowley that the two events will not coincide in time or place, and that the police will do everything possible to avoid outbreaks of violence. According to Sunak, the marches planned for Saturday “are disrespectful and offend our gratitude towards those who gave so much so that we can live in freedom.” He premier He stressed, however, that part of that freedom is “the right to peaceful protest“.

Suella Braverman challenged the premier within a few hours with your article in The Timesaccusing Scotland Yard of “double standards” and “favoritism” towards the pro-Palestine marches, in contrast to the strong hand displayed against far-right demonstrations or even against football fans.

“People expect an assertive and proactive attitude (on the part of the Security forces) in the face of hate demonstrations and general disorder,” writes Braverman, who claims that the pro-Palestine protests are “being used by Islamic extremists to dominate the streets of London.

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